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Best Engrams to Unlock First In ARK Survival Ascended

Engrams are essential throughout your Ark journey, although, some are more important in the earlier stages!
Best Engrams to Unlock First In ARK Survival Ascended
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Engrams within Ark Survival Ascended provide players with the essentials for survival, whether that's staying hydrated or using an Engram for crafting capabilities, they're a necessity to survival. However, in the earlier stages of the game, players will have to prioritize specific Engrams to reap higher rewards and gain better progression. 

ARK Survival Ascended's Best Beginner Engrams

You must unlock Engrams to craft different items to help you on your survival journey, despite the overwhelming choices, there are specific engrams that help players when starting in Ark Survival Ascended. Players who decide to rush progression are often found dead a few hours into the first playthrough, therefore, we recommend these Engrams.

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The right Engrams will lead to faster progression, make the right choice! (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

These are the best engrams to unlock first in ARK Survival Ascended:

  • Stone Hatchet - gathering resources at faster speeds
  • Campfire - keep players comfortable and warm in the snow biome/cooking aid
  • Spear - a weapon to defend yourself and newly gathered supplies
  • Waterskin - emergency water supply on ventures
  • Cloth Clothes (all) - protection against environment/weather
  • Simple Bed - set down a respawn point 
  • Wooden Club - taking down tougher animals in the early stages
  • Bola - trap animals 
  • Cooking Pot - allows better foods to be made 
  • Thatch Structures (all) - best for building the first structure
  • Storage boxes - stored gathered goods in a safe location
  • Parasaur Saddle - Able to ride tamed animals 
  • Bow and Arrows - defend yourself from flying foes or fight from a distance
  • Crop Plot - allows players to grow their foods
  • Hide Clothes (All) - better protection than clothes clothes, acts as an upgrade
  • Wooden Structures (All) - upgraded base from thatch structures
  • Mortar and Pestle - allows greater crafting options

The list above features the general order you want to unlock and craft these engrams, allowing you to get a general idea of ideal progression within Ark Survival Ascended. Players are often caught rushing their in-game progression but fall to the harsh environment of Ark Survival Ascended through lacking the essentials listed above.