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Best Weapons In Ark Survival Ascended | Ranked Tier List

What are the best weapons in Ark Survival Ascended? Here's our tier list.
Best Weapons In Ark Survival Ascended | Ranked Tier List
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Ark Survival Ascended requires players to craft and wield weapons to protect, loot, and survive the harsh lands bestowed upon them. There's a lot of ambiguity revolving around which Ark Survival Ascended proves the most loyal companion, fortunately, we've got you covered in  weapon tier list.

S-Tier Weapons In Ark Survival Ascended

654d1aff4e1fc-Ark survival ascended rifle.jpg
S-Tier weapons are the most reliable weapons in Ark Survival Ascended (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

S-Tier weapons prove the most loyal servants on the unforgiving lands of Ark, players often use these weapons in the most difficult situations with full confidence:

  • Fabricated Sniper Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Compound Bow
  • Tek Rifle 

The Fabricated sniper and assault rifles are likely the most basic yet popular choices due to their adaptivity to every situation. The Tek Rifle provides explosive power, similar to the compound bow that defies the strength of large the beasts that roam Ark.

A-Tier Weapons In Ark Survival Ascended

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A-Tier weapons are cheaper alternatives to S-Tier, being more use-specific (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

A-tier weapons allow players to excel in more specific situations, the limitation of these weapons being their not adaptive to every combat scenario. These weapons attain value and are desired by the majority of players on the battlefields:

  • Lance
  • Rocket Launcher 
  • Longneck Rifle 

The Longneck Rifle is great at dealing larger amounts of damage from a distance, however, it's not quite got the Fabricated Sniper Rifle touch. The Rocket Launcher is great for intimidation, despite not dealing a great amount of damage for a rocket launcher. 

B-Tier Weapons In Ark Survival Ascended

654d1eb84ba20-Ark survival ascended weapon guide.jpg
B-Tier Weapons are very situation-specific but still reliable! (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

B-tier weapons are very situation-specific, meaning players use them with an intended purpose instead of general combat and protection. These weapons are often looked at as resources instead of weapons and have a certain value attached to them:

  • Electric Prod 
  • C4
  • Harpoon Launcher 
  • Pike
  • Crossbow

The Harpoon launcher is great for defeating nautical creatures, being every nautical beast's worst nightmare. The C4 is great for infiltration and trapping beasts, however, it's likely not going to deal as much damage as you could imagine.

C-Tier Weapons In Ark Survival Ascended

654d202fa916d-ark shotgun.jpeg
C-Tier weapons are less likely to save your life! (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

C-Tier weapons don't typically provide results, simply because they're going to get you killed when facing more dominant enemies:

  • Pump Action Rifle
  • Fabricated Pistol 
  • Poison Grenade 

The poison grenade is only damaging against other enemy players, absolutely no damage will be delt to dinosaurs with the grenade. The Fabricated pistol deals minuscule amounts of damage and the pump action rifle feels weirdly inaccurate. 

D-Tier Weapons In Ark Survival Ascended

654d2100d8df4-Ark survival ascended shotgun.jpg
These weapons will get you killed unless you're highly skilled (Picture: Studio Wildcard)

D-tier weapons are slightly comical, they're not reliable in any intense combat situation due to their general incapabilities against other weapons or dinosaurs. It's likely you're using these weapons shortly after spawning or being gifted it by a friend:

  • Sword 
  • Simple Pistol

A sword may prove a loyal companion against weaponless enemies, however, it's not ideal when facing an animal trying to decimate you. The simple pistol feels similar to a .22 caliber, nothing but a minor inconvenience when being shot by one of these weapons.