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How To Tame, Track & Interact With Dinosaurs In ARK Survival Ascended

Enlist the aid of some scaley companions with our guide on how to tame Dinosaurs in Ark Survival Ascended, as well as how to track them, interact with them, and more.
How To Tame, Track & Interact With Dinosaurs In ARK Survival Ascended
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Taming is a fundamental and essential element of the gameplay in Ark Survival Ascended. While it may seem self-evident (who wouldn't want to tame and ride awesome dinosaurs?), its significance goes beyond the surface. These creatures can significantly enhance your capabilities, aiding in activities like farming and exploring the island. With Ark Survival Ascended's updated taming system, there are several new features that most players need to be aware of, and we've got you covered.

Below, you'll find a concise and comprehensive guide on how to tame dinosaurs in Ark Survival Ascended. We'll also delve into some finer points of the taming system, including how to track your newly acquired companions and how to interact with them once they're tamed. Let's get started.

Ark Survival Ascended: How To Tame Dinosaurs

Taming dinosaurs in Ark Survival Ascended isn't explicitly explained when you first spawn on the map, and attempting it without proper knowledge can lead to a quick demise (speaking from experience). Let's take a closer look at how the taming process works and some essential details you need to know when taming the wild creatures on the island.

Ark Survival Ascended Taming Guide Tips Most uconcios
While players can also passively tame dinosaurs, in most cases you'll need to render them unconscious to begin the taming process. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

The first thing to note is that taming varies depending on the species and aggression of the creature you're trying to tame. It splits the taming process into two paths: one requires you to knock the creature unconscious and then feed it, and the other involves a more peaceful and passive taming strategy.

Taming Aggressive Unconscious Dinosaurs

When it comes to the first method, aggressive dinosaurs will need to be knocked unconscious using non-lethal weapons you have on hand. Using melee weapons or rocks with a slingshot is a good start, and later on, options like tranquilizer arrows and darts will make the process easier. Once the dinosaur is unconscious, you can approach it and place food in its inventory.

Ark Survival Ascended Taming Guide Tips Taming proceess
Once asleep, players can slot food into the dinosaur's inventory to feed it, and subsequently tame it. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

If the dinosaur is a herbivore, you should put fruits or berries in its inventory, and you'll notice its "taming" bar increasing. When this bar is full, the dinosaur will wake up and be fully tamed. However, there's also an "unconscious" bar, and if it depletes before you fill the taming bar, the dinosaur will wake up, and you'll lose all your taming progress.

If the dinosaur is a carnivore, you'll need to place meat in its inventory and wait for the taming bar to fill up completely. If the taming bar doesn't move at all, regardless of herbivore or carnivore, it means you're using the wrong food. Ensure you use the correct food to avoid wasting the opportunity to tame it and the resources you used to incapacitate and feed it.

Taming Dinosaurs Passively:

Passive Taming involves feeding the dinosaur while it's awake, eliminating the need to knock it out. For example, taming an Oviraptor requires you to drop dinosaur eggs on the ground, which it will consume over time, eventually leading to taming. Other dinosaurs can also be tamed in this manner, and what they eat provides clues about what you need to drop to tame them. Experiment with various items to find what works for passive dinosaurs.

Ark Survival Ascended Taming Guide Tips Passively
Some dinosaurs can be passively tamed, using specific items or Kibble which will work on any passive kind of dino. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Finally, as you progress further in the game, you'll be able to craft dinosaur Kibble, which is incredibly efficient for taming. Dropping it for passive dinosaurs will quickly tame them, and placing it in the inventory of unconscious aggressive dinosaurs will significantly boost the taming progress before they wake up. Invest time in crafting Kibble as you advance in your playthrough.

Ark Survival Ascended: How Track and Interact with Dinosaurs

Once you have tamed a dinosaur, you'll notice that you can interact with it through its own menu by pressing and holding "E" when you look at it. This will bring up a wheel of options that you can use for various tasks you want the dinosaur to perform.

Ark Survival Ascended Taming Guide Tips Taming wheel
Once tamed, players will have access to a wheel of options to interact with their newly tamed friends, so be sure to play around with the options and see what works for you when you need it. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

For example, you can toggle the tracking of the dinosaur on or off, allowing you to keep track of it regardless of its location on the map. You can access a variety of other features from this wheel, such as the dinosaur's behavior (which opens a submenu with numerous options), its inventory, and even the ability to change its name, neuter it, or un-claim it to set it free, and much more. We recommend exploring these options to discover everything the game has to offer when it comes to interacting with your tamed dinosaurs.

So there you have it, a brief overview of how taming works in Ark Survival Ascended, along with the options available to you with your newly tamed prehistoric friends and how they can assist you on your journey through the challenges awaiting you on the island. As always, stay safe out there, and good luck!