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Ark Survival Ascended: How To Tame An Otter

Tame this extremely useful (and adorable) creature with our guide on how to tame an Otter in Ark Survival Ascended.
Ark Survival Ascended: How To Tame An Otter
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The islands of Ark Survival Ascended are home to a variety of creatures, and while most of them pose a significant threat to players when encountered, some are not only docile but also incredibly useful (and adorable) for your survival. One such creature is the Otter, and if you're unsure how to tame one of these fantastic animals, we've got you covered.

In the following steps, we will guide you through the process of locating and taming an otter in Ark Survival Ascended while also explaining the substantial benefits of having this furry companion in the long term. So, without further delay, let's get started.

How To Find Otters in Ark Survival Ascended

To add Otters to your group of companions in Ark Survival Ascended, you'll first need to know where to find them. Otters are typically located near rivers across The Island map. Many players have reported that they spawn more frequently in the northern part of the river that encircles the Redwood biome. However, the northern areas can be quite dangerous, so it's advisable to search for Otters in safer rivers in the southern or southeastern parts of the map.

Ark Survival Ascended How To Tame Otters Locations
Otters can mainly be found inland, near freshwater sources, and fish as their food source. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Otters usually spawn near other populations of dinosaurs, but they are somewhat skittish. Take your time while looking for them. When you spot one, make sure to follow the taming advice below, as Otter taming works differently from dinosaur taming in Ark Survival Ascended.

How To Tame Otters in Ark Survival Ascended

Ark Survival Ascended How To Tame Otters Taming
To tame Otters, you'll need to find and kill certain kinds of fish to bring them to the Otter. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

As previously mentioned, Otters are tamed using a different method compared to other creatures on the island, and they require what's known as passive taming to befriend. Here are the steps to tame an Otter:

  1. Kill Fish: First, kill some fish in the nearby water. You can use a spear or other suitable tools to catch fish.
  2. Drag Fish Bodies: After killing the fish, drag their bodies to the Otter.
  3. Feed the Otter: When you're near the Otter with the fish bodies, press the interact button (E on PC, Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation) to feed the fish to the Otter. It may take several fish to fully tame the Otter.

The most effective fish to feed an Otter is the Sabertooth Salmon. However, because Sabertooth Salmon is a prey fish, it's often hunted by Piranhas. To safely collect Salmon, clear the water of Piranhas with a spear. Once the Piranhas are gone, you can gather as many Salmon as needed to feed the Otter.

Ark Survival Ascended How To Tame Otters Tamed Otter
Once fed, the Otter will be your companion and you can interact with it to see the option it gives you as a companion. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Once the Otter is fully tamed, you'll have a friend for life (or at least as long as both of you survive). Otters are quite useful creatures to have on your team. They can protect you from the elements when carried by a survivor, making exploration more comfortable and less deadly.

Additionally, Otters can harvest fish to collect valuable resources like Silica Pearls and Black Pearls. And, of course, they are undeniably one of the most adorable creatures on the island, making them a beloved addition to your team.