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ARK Survival Ascended Increase Taming Speed: Double It

Add more dinos to your roster easily with our guide on how to double your taming speed in ARK Survival Ascended.
ARK Survival Ascended Increase Taming Speed: Double It
Studio Wildcard

In ARK Survival Ascended, a crucial gameplay element revolves around the taming feature, where you add various dinosaurs to your team. While not overly complex, the process can be demanding. Fortunately, there's a method to effectively double your taming speed, and if you're curious about how to achieve this, continue reading.

Here, we'll present a straightforward and helpful technique to enhance your taming speeds in ARK Survival Ascended, allowing you to overcome the early-game challenges of taming swiftly. Without further delay, let's delve into it.

How To Double Your Taming Speed

Before delving into the method to double taming speed, it's crucial to note that this technique is effective exclusively for creatures that consume berries. The rationale behind this lies in the requirement of Stimberries to achieve the doubled taming speed for berry-eating creatures. Stimberries prove immensely beneficial for taming creatures, particularly in the early stages when focusing on herbivores or other berry consumers instead of carnivores.

ARK Survival Ascended How To Double Taming Speed berry eaters and stimberries
This strat only works on berry-eating creatures as it employs the use of Stimberry's. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

In essence, when you incapacitate a creature and introduce a Stimberry into its inventory, the taming speed is doubled. However, this approach comes with a trade-off, including a reduction in taming effectiveness (i.e., bonus levels) and a high consumption rate of Stimberries.

Fortunately, berries, including Stimberries, are readily available, allowing you to stockpile them and efficiently expedite the taming process for any berry-eating creature in the game at double the regular speed.

ARK Survival Ascended How To Double Taming Speed USage and stacking
Popping a Stimberry into a downed creature's inventory will double the taming speed, and stacking other berries will cause the dino to eat those berries while the Stimberries effect remains active. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Alternatively, placing the Stimberry in the creature's inventory alongside a couple of stacks of other berries still yields the double-taming speed effect, and the Stimberries granting the effect won't be consumed. However, the berries are consumed more rapidly, and taming effectiveness continues to decline over time.

While using Kibble remains the optimal taming method for any creature, especially in later stages, these Stimberries can be a game-changer early on, enabling quick taming using nothing but Stimberries and regular berries.

ARK Survival Ascended How To Double Taming Speed USage
This method can help you quickly tame creatures in the early game without using tons of resources. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

As a brief aside, you can also force-feed Stimberries to an unconscious creature, reducing its Torpidity and expediting the waking process. This can prove useful in attempting to awaken a submerged or damaged creature during the taming process, showcasing the versatility of Stimberries.

In conclusion, here's a quick and straightforward tip on doubling the speed of taming for any berry-eating creature in ARK Survival Ascended. For further guidance on taming other creatures, refer to our comprehensive taming guide, and best of luck with all your future taming endeavors.