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ARK Plant Species Y Guide: How To Use and Grow in Scorched Earth

Defend your base with this deadly Flora as we explain exactly what the Plant Species Y are and how they work in ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth.
ARK Plant Species Y Guide: How To Use and Grow in Scorched Earth
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When it comes to weaponry in ARK Survival Ascended, your options extend far beyond just firearms, melee weapons, and tames. Even the flora in the game can be deadly, with Scorched Earth introducing its combative plant species known as Plant Species Y and the traps it produces.

This plant can serve as a significant source of defense for your base, adding an extra layer of protection. Understanding how it functions and how to plant and harvest it will be crucial. In this guide, we'll show you exactly how Plant Species Y operates and how to utilize it effectively in ARK Survival Ascended: Scorched Earth.

How To Grow 'Plant Species Y' in ARK Scorched Earth?

Before delving into the functionality of Plant Species Y, particularly its trap production, it's essential to first explore how to acquire and cultivate this plant. Plant Species Y is cultivated by planting Plant Species Y Seeds in a Large Crop Plot, typically obtained through the harvesting of desert flora.

ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth Plant Species Seeds
Plant Species Y Seeds need to be planted, fertilized, and irrigated to get them to produce traps. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Upon reaching maturity, Plant Species Y yields Plant Species Y Traps (further details to follow). Unlike Plant Species X, it lacks defensive capabilities and projectile-shooting abilities. Its growth process mirrors that of other plot-based plants, requiring water and fertilizer, albeit in reduced quantities once matured—a likely adaptation to the harsh conditions of Scorched Earth.

How To Use Plant Species Y Traps in ARK Scorched Earth?

Now, onto the practical usage of these plants, primarily the production of Plant Species Y Traps, which function akin to bear traps in the game. These traps ensnare players and small to medium-sized creatures, with the trap's durability depleting at a rate of approximately 3 units per second when triggered.

ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth Plant Species Y Traps
Plant Species Y traps are similar to bear traps, but are much harder to see and are easier (relatively) to produce if you have more Plant Species Y producing them. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

With a total durability of 100, Plant Species Y Traps immobilizes targets for a shorter duration compared to Bear Traps. However, they are nearly invisible when placed on the ground, making them harder to spot than Bear Traps—an advantage in Scorched Earth's sandy terrain. Additionally, unlike Bear Traps, Plant Species Y traps inflict minor damage over time to trapped creatures, reducing Taming Effectiveness during knockouts.

Regarding trap production, it takes 2 minutes to produce one Plant Species Y Trap on official servers. In a greenhouse with a 300% effect, this time is reduced to 30 seconds. If the number of Plant Species Y Traps in the plot reaches 10, trap production halts.

ARK Survival Ascended Scorched Earth Plant Species Y Traps usage
The traps are extremely useful for defending your base and catching small to medium-sized predators as well as enemy players. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

In summary, Plant Species Y serves as a valuable asset in Scorched Earth, particularly for base protection, tame capturing, or evading wild dinosaur pursuits. For the latest updates, guides, and more, visit our dedicated ARK Survival Ascended section.