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How To Find Raptor Claus In ARK Survival Ascended Winter Wonderland

Discover the plentiful gifts dropped by this festive-themed dinosaur with our guide on how to find Raptor Claus during this year's ARK Survival Ascended Winter Wonderland event.
How To Find Raptor Claus In ARK Survival Ascended Winter Wonderland
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The holiday spirit has descended upon ARK Survival Ascended with the highly anticipated Winter Wonderland event commencing on December 21, 2023. This event brings forth an array of features to anticipate, including the return of the beloved Raptor Claus.

Whether you're a newcomer to the Winter Wonderland event or a seasoned participant from the days of ARK Survival Evolved, identifying the whereabouts of Raptor Claus is crucial for reaping the rewards it has in store. In this guide, we will dissect the locations where you can expect to encounter Raptor Claus during the Winter Wonderland event of ARK Survival Ascended.

Raptor Claus Locations in ARK Survival Ascended's Winter Wonderland Event

When trying to locate Raptor Claus in ARK Survival Ascended, there's both good and bad news. On the positive side, you can identify where the creature appears and easily follow it as it flies across the sky in a festive sleigh led by reindeer as distributes gifts to players. The drawback, however, is that the spawn location is random but not entirely unpredictable. Raptor Claus will initially appear along the edge of the map, and upon spawning will travel from one side of the map to the opposite side, leaving a visible trail in the sky. Find the trail, and you'll find the Raptor Claus.

ARK Survival Ascended Winter Wonderland Raptor Claus Locations Edge of map
While Raptor Claus doesn't have a set spawn location, it will often spawn at the edges of the map. (Picture: wikiwiki.jp / Studio Wildcard)

Once Raptor Claus spawns, players should also hear a distinctive 'Ho Ho Ho!' and receive a message declaring, "Raptor Claus has arrived!!!" accompanied by the raptor icon.

Upon seeing this, scan the map or reach a high vantage point. Since it's nighttime, you'll notice orange lights in the sky, and if you have a Spyglass, use it to locate Raptor Claus. Once spotted, use a flying Tame to catch up and collect the drops that Raptor Claus dispenses between 0:00 am and 2:00 am.

ARK Survival Ascended Winter Wonderland Raptor Claus Location Rewards
Be sure to check the skies all the time during the event to ensure you grab the festive rewards that Raptor Claus will drop. (Picture: wikiwiki.jp / Studio Wildcard)

What gifts does Raptor Claus drop in ARK Survival Ascended

The drops include Beacons containing, among other things, Mistletoe and Coal, which can be used to craft various items throughout the Winter Wonderland event. These items are often used to create new items and skins introduced for the event. The presents dropped typically have an Item Quality of Apprentice or better, with a chance of Ascendant items boasting extremely high durability, damage, insulation, or armor values.

Although finding Raptor Claus involves a bit of a hunt, the rewards make it worthwhile. Now that you know the likely spots where he will spawn on the map, you're on your way to collecting the festive gifts dropped during this year's Winter Wonderland event in ARK Survival Ascended.