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How To Find Reindeer In Ark Winter Wonderland 2023

Come and find out how to get a reindeer in Ark Survival Ascended!
How To Find Reindeer In Ark Winter Wonderland 2023

Following the Ark Survival Ascended Winter Wonderland update, the developers have decided to allow players to reign inferno from above by using reindeer! Players can locate, tame, and ride a reindeer of their own over the Winter Wonderland update. 

Players who desire a reindeer must first complete a series of objectives and tasks. Thankfully, we're here to explain how to obtain your very own reindeer; it's quite easy.

Ark Survival Ascended Reindeer Locations

Matching the obvious themes and festivities, reindeer spawn in the snow biome on Ark Survival Ascended, meaning players will have quite a treacherous and somewhat dangerous journey ahead of them in pursuit of a reindeer. The image below showcases two spawns of Reindeer that have been known to be located by various players. However, Reindeer have been known to spawn around the entirety of the snow biome and can be easy to locate. 

Once finding your very own reindeer in the snow biome, simply feed the Reindeer a single Rockarrot, this will be prompted on-screen.

658595558f6e1-Reindeer Location.JPG
Ark Survival Ascended Reindeer Locations; snow biome. (Image: Studio Wildcard)

How To Use Rockarrots With Reindeer In Ark

When feeding the Reindeer the single Rockarrot, your character will be blasted into the air almost immediately. Following the initial stages of the Reindeer ride, you will be shown the following Rockarrot on your screen with a blue target.

Players will have to wait for the single carrot to swing into the vicinity of the blue target before clicking "F" (or their alternative interaction button). After completing this carrot challenge, you will have full access to the Reindeer and will be on your way.

It's important to note that the Reindeer doesn't give you full control and has somewhat of a mind of its own, directing the player around the map and forcing you in different directions. Additionally, it's ideal to bring several Rockarrots because the swinging carrot challenge will reappear. Once you run out of Rockarrots, you will be kicked off the Reindeer. 

6585969f62b67-reindeer task.JPG
Initiation to use Reindeer (Image: Studio Wildcard)