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How To Solo Kill a Titanosaur in ARK Survival Ascended

Bring down the largest dinosaur in the game all on your own with our guide on how to solo the Titanosaur in ARK Survival Ascended.
How To Solo Kill a Titanosaur in ARK Survival Ascended
Studio Wildcard

Amidst the diverse and potent dinosaurs roaming the island of ARK Survival Ascended, the Titanosaur stands out as one of the most formidable, mainly due to its colossal size. As the largest dinosaur in the game, taming a Titanosaur proves incredibly useful, but taking one down can be equally advantageous, thanks to the substantial experience points you can acquire.

For solo ARK players seeking to amass a significant amount of XP, understanding how to defeat this colossal beast is crucial information. In this guide, we will outline how to solo a Titanosaur without relying on tames or armor in ARK Survival Ascended.

ARK Survival Ascended: How To Solo Kill a Titanosaur

Locating a Titanosaur is relatively straightforward, given their large size and calm demeanor, resembling enlarged versions of Brontosauruses. However, due to their rarity, finding more than one can be challenging. These creatures typically inhabit areas near water sources and vegetation, as they are herbivores. For guidance on specific locations, refer to the map image provided below.

ARK Survival Ascended How To Solo The Titanosaur Location
Above are the locations where players can most likely find a Titanosaur. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Once you've identified a Titanosaur, the strategy to take it down solo involves using a grappling hook attachment for the crossbow. Check our grappling hook guide for instructions on obtaining one. Additionally, you'll need a weapon for attacking the creature; while the choice is yours, a potent sword or shotgun is recommended.

Titanosaur Solo Fight Strategy

Now, onto the strategy itself. If you've used a grappling hook before, you likely know where this is headed. Grapple your way up the Titanosaur's back, positioning yourself between its scales, preferably behind its hind legs. In this position, the Titanosaur cannot harm you, even if it moves or runs around.

ARK Survival Ascended How To Solo The Titanosaur Grapple to its back
Using the grapple hook, fling yourself onto the Titano's back and start dealing damage from there. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

From this vantage point, unleash your attacks on the Titanosaur's back, gradually depleting its health. While a powerful weapon makes this process easier, any reliable weapon at your disposal will suffice, provided you have enough patience.

Persist in this approach, and eventually, the Titanosaur will succumb, rewarding you with 80,000 experience points for every level. For instance, if you encounter a level 150 Titanosaur (a common occurrence), you can gain nearly 1.3 million experience points, a substantial boost, especially for early-game players. Notably, this method can also be effective for taming; climb onto its back with your tranquilizer weapons, and you'll be well-equipped to tame this colossal creature.

ARK Survival Ascended How To Solo The Titanosaur XP
Once defeated, the Titano will grant you a hefty sum of XP, making this one of the best dinos to farm when you want to gain more levels. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

In conclusion, this provides a quick and detailed overview of how to solo kill a Titanosaur in ARK Survival Ascended. Credit for this strategy goes to the YouTube channel Teachers Game Too, and if you're interested in seeing this strategy in action, be sure to check out their full video on soloing the Titanosaur below.