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How To Farm Spoiled Meat in ARK Survival Ascended

Stock up on this vital crafting resource with our guide on how to farm Spoiled Meat in ARK Survival Ascended.
How To Farm Spoiled Meat in ARK Survival Ascended
Studio Wildcard

While it's generally advisable to make meat at last as long as possible in ARK Survival Ascended, as consuming spoiled meat is not ideal for your health, there are instances where you might intentionally want meat to spoil. Spoiled meat is a key ingredient in several important crafting recipes.

However, since meat takes time to spoil naturally, you might be seeking faster methods to spoil it for your crafting needs. The sections below provide tips on how to efficiently farm spoiled meat in ARK Survival Ascended.

Spoiled Meat Farming in ARK Survival Ascended

Before delving into the specifics of farming spoiled meat, it's essential to understand how the spoiling mechanic operates in the game. Spoiling occurs one item at a time, even within stacks. This means that only one piece of meat or item in a stack will spoil at any given time.

Ark Survival Ascended How To Farm Spoiled Meat Stack splitting
The best way to farm spoiled meat is by splitting your stacks as much as possible, increasing the amount of meat that is spoiling at any given time. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

While this might initially seem like a hindrance, a workaround exists in the form of a technique called stack splitting. Stack splitting involves dividing stacks into smaller sizes, and since items spoil one by one, having more stacks accelerates the overall rate of spoiled meat generation.

For instance, if one piece of meat in a stack spoils in 30 seconds, splitting the stack into 10 separate stacks will yield 10 pieces of spoiled meat in the same time frame. The more you split the stack, the faster you'll accumulate spoiled meat.

Ark Survival Ascended How To Farm Spoiled Meat Split stacks over storage
To avoid carrying too much meat and being encumbered, we suggest players distribute their stacks across all their storage devices. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Now, to keep things organized and make sure you're not drowning in stacks, I recommend performing this magic inside storage devices rather than your inventory. This way, you can split your meat to your heart's content and leave it there, free to embark on other adventures while your meat undergoes its spoiling transformation.

So there you have it - a nifty and efficient way to harvest that coveted spoiled meat in the vast world of ARK Survival Ascended. As of now, this technique reigns supreme as the fastest way to gather this resource. So, the next time your crafting endeavors demand a healthy supply of spoiled meat, you know the secret recipe!