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ARK Survival Ascended TEK Teleporter: How To Craft & Function

Traerse the dangers of the island with ease by following our guide on how to craft and use the TEK Teleporter in ARK Survival Ascended.
ARK Survival Ascended TEK Teleporter: How To Craft & Function
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Currently, there are only a limited number of methods for players to achieve fast travel in ARK Survival Ascended, and the TEK teleporter stands out as one of them. This sophisticated structure facilitates effortless map traversal with minimal resource requirements.

For those in the mid-to-end game seeking more efficient island exploration and possessing the necessary resources to construct TEK items, this guide is tailored for you. We will comprehensively outline the crafting process of the TEK Teleporter and elucidate its functionality as a means of transportation in ARK Survival Ascended.

How Does the TEK Teleporter Work in ARK Survival Ascended?

The TEK Teleporter in ARK Survival Ascended is a structure designed for teleporting players, their dinosaurs, or other players across the map, connecting one teleporter to another. It comes in three sizes, with the small and medium sizes suitable for survivors and average-sized dinosaurs, while the large one can teleport even massive creatures like Gigas or Brontos.

TEK Teleporter Details And How To Craft Overview
The TEK Teleporter works exactly as you'd expect, allowing you to teleport between two teleporters instantaneously. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)

Operating the teleporter incurs no cost, but it requires power from a Tek Generator. Enabling Public Teleportation allows other survivors who have unlocked the specific engram, to use the teleporter. Caution is advised to keep personal dinosaurs away from publicly available teleporters, as they can inadvertently teleport along with other players.

When initiating teleportation, available teleporters are displayed as bed icons on the pop-up. Renaming teleporters can aid in remembering their locations. Filling the entire base of the teleporter with foundations is a recommended tip to prevent tamed creatures from getting stuck underneath.

How To Craft the TEK Teleporter in ARK Survival Ascended

To craft the TEK Teleporter, unlocking the TEKgram is the first step, achievable only after defeating the Alpha variant of the Dragon boss. Once the TEKgram is obtained, the following materials are needed to craft the teleporter using a Refining Forge:

TEK Teleporter Details And How To Craft
Once you've unlocked the TEKgram, you can craft the TEK Teleporter using the items listed below. (Picture: Shane / Studio Wildcard)
  • 85 × Element
  • 2500 × Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot
  • 600 × Crystal or Primal Crystal
  • 150 × Black Pearl
  • 1200 × Polymer, Organic Polymer, or Corrupted Nodule

In summary, the TEK Teleporter is an immensely useful tool, allowing instantaneous teleportation across the island. Mastering its use can revolutionize gameplay in ARK Survival Ascended.