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ARK Survival Evolved Roadmap - Release Date, Info, More

Here's the scoop on the upcoming ARK Survival Evolved roadmap.
ARK Survival Evolved Roadmap - Release Date, Info, More
REMINDER - Today's the day. Stay tuned for plenty more news from Studio Wildcard later on!

Fans have been waiting for news about the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved since the game's release back in 2015, and developers Wildcard have finally provided fans with news about an ARK 2 and ARK: The Animated Series 2023 roadmap. The roadmap is coming out very soon, and fans can expect to hear tons of new information about the upcoming game and animated series.

In this article, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the ARK 2023 roadmap, including when it will be released and what content will likely be included.

ARK Survival Evolved Roadmap Release Date

ark 2 release date time
The ARK 2023 roadmap will be released on March 31 2023. (Picture: WIldcard Games)

According to Jeremy Stieglitz, co-founder of Wildcard, on Twitter, the ARK Survival Evolved roadmap will be released on 31st March 2023 - so fans won't have to wait much longer.

ARK Survival Evolved Roadmap Release Time

While developers have not released an exact release time for the ARK 2023 roadmap, it's likely that it will be released around midnight/1 AM BST

ARK Survival Evolved Roadmap Contents

ark 2 survival evolved roadmap
The roadmap will contain information about upcoming new content for ARK 2 and ARK: The Animated Series. (Picture: Wildcard GameS)

The ARK 2023 roadmap was announced back in February, and fans have been hopeful about news ever since. In the roadmap, we'll likely see content updates and information about ARK 2 and the ARK animated series.  It's possible we'll also see updates to ARK Survival Evolved (2015) or additional content.

ARK: The Animated Series

ARK's animated series was originally slated for release back in 2022 before delays pushed this back; it's possible that in the roadmap, we'll see a new 2023 release date for ARK: The Animated Series. We'll also likely get a new trailer to hold fans over until the series finally releases.


Just like ARK: The Animated Series, the sequel to ARK, ARK 2, was pushed back to a 2023 release date after being originally slated for a 2022 release. The roadmap will no doubt feature a release date for ARK 2, as well as dates for potential beta tests or tech tests.

The ARK 2023 roadmap will be available for everyone to view in just a few days, so if you're excited about the ARK news, you won't have to wait much longer to get your fill. In the ARK 2023 roadmap, we can expect to see news about ARK 2, ARK: The Animated Series, and ARK Survival Evolved and their upcoming release dates.