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All Baldur's Gate 3 Gods and Deities

There are more than a few different gods in Baldur's Gate 3.
All Baldur's Gate 3 Gods and Deities

Baldur's Gate 3 really leans into the fact that it's based on Dungeons & Dragons by having a lot of the lore from the popular TTRPG represented in the game, including the massive pantheon of gods. There are a LOT of gods in Dungeons & Dragons, and Baldur's Gate 3 shows that off by featuring several of them in the main story of the game, but even then, there are still some that aren't explained too well.

Baldur's Gate 3 Gods Explained

  • Selune - The Goddess of the Heavens, The Lady Of Silver
  • Bahamut - The Dragon God Of Justice
  • Tempus - The Lord of Battles and the Overseer of War
  • Tyr- The God of Law & Justice
  • Helm - The God of Guardians and Protectors
  • Ilmater - The Protector of the Oppressed and Persecuted
  • Mystra - The Mother of All Magic
  • Oghma - The God of Inspiration and Invention
  • Kelemvor - The Guide to the Afterlife
  • Moradin - The God of the Forges
  • Corellon Larethian - Creator of the Elves
  • Garl Glittergold - The King Of The Gnome Gods
  • Yondalla - The matriarch of the Hafling
  • Lolth - Goddess of the Drow, and Goddess of the Underdark
  • Gruumsh - The Orc's Patron Deity
  • Tiamat - The Dragon God of Greed
  • Eilistraee - Goddess of Good-Aligned Drow
  • Lathander- The Morninglord, the god of the Dawn and Spring
  • Talos - The Destructive God of Nature
  • Tymora - The Goddess of Fortune
  • Mielikki - Goddess of Forests and of Forest-dwelling creatures
  • Bane - The paragon of hate, fear, and tyranny, originally a mortal.
  • Bhaal - The god of murder
  • Laduguer - The patron of the Duergar, a tyrannical leader
  • Myrkul - A manifestation of death, ascended alongside Bane and Bhaal to power
  • Shar - The sister of Shar, the deity of Darkness
  • Vlaakith - The leader of the Githyanki