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Baldur's Gate 3: All Legendary Items

These are the best of the best.
Baldur's Gate 3: All Legendary Items

There are a lot of great items in Baldur's Gate 3, but some of them are leagues ahead of other items. Using an in-game system that ranks how rare they are, you're able to work out exactly what the best of the best actually is, with legendary items being the highest end of the item scale. We've got the full list of legendary items and what exactly they do, too, so strap in.

All Legendary Items

  • Necromancy of Thay - Gives you the Danse Macabre spell which allows you to summon six undead from absolutely nothing
  • The Blood of Lathander - A one-handed mace with the Sunbeam spell, that also has a built-in light source meaning you don't need to carry a torch through Act 2
  • Mask of the Shapeshifter- Gives you free access to the Disguise Self spell
  • Shar's Spear of Evening - It's just a better spear, really. 
  • Balduran's Giantslayer - This has 2D6 +6 damage, the ability to change you into a giant using Giant form, and the Giant Slayer modifier for those really big enemies.
  • Bloodthirst - Gives True Strike, off-hand riposte, and increases your AC by 1
  • Crimson Mischief - You gain an additional 1D4 damage if your enemy has less than 50% health. If you're attacking with advantage, you gain seven piercing damage
  • Duellist's Prerogative - The roll you need to get a critical hit is lowered by one, you gain an additional reaction per turn (which you can use to deal necrotic damage equal to your proficiency whenever you hit). The item also has the ability to taunt your enemy and Dueller's Enthusiasm which allows you to get an extra attack if you're not dual-wielding at the time.
  • Gloves of Soul Catching - You gain additional force damage and healing if you use unarmed attacks. You also gain a + 2 to your Constitution score.
  • Gontr Mael - A legendary glowing crossbow that grants +3 damage and has celestial haste as an ability.
  • Helldusk Armour - Fire resistance, the ability to return fire damage to your enemy, and 21 AC
  • Helm of Balduran - You regain health at the start of each of your turns and you cannot be stunned nor crit while this is equipped
  • Markoheshkir - You can use an ability which means you can cast your next spell without using a spell slot
  • Nyrulna - Has a boomerang ability that makes the item come back to you when thrown, and when it's thrown it explodes for thunder damage. You also gain movement speed. 
  • Orphic Hamer - Grants advantage on spell-saving throws
  • Silver Sword of the Astral Plane - Gives buffs to a Githyanki Wielder, an additional 1D6 psychic damage, advantage on Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom rolls. The wielder is resistant to psychic damage and can't be charmed.
  • Viconia's Walking Fortress - You gain +3 to your AC, Warding Bond, and Shield. Instead of using Shield Slam as a reaction, you gain Rebuke of the Mighty, which deals Force damage to your opponent.