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Baldur's Gate 3: Best Lae'Zel Build

Lae'Zel is one of the most important melee fighters in Baldur's Gate 3.
Baldur's Gate 3: Best Lae'Zel Build

Lae'Zel is the first person you'll meet in Baldur's Gate 3 that isn't a walking talking brain, and as such she's probably key to most people's parties. Who can blame them, really, when Lae'Zel can absolutely decimate a lot of enemies in both the early game and the late game, and she's a great boost to any party. The thing is there are a lot of different ways you can specialize her, and it can become overwhelming. That's where we come in.

Best Lae'Zel Build

Best Subclass

If you're looking for the best Lae'Zel subclass then you absolutely want to choose the Battle Master. The Eldritch Knight allows her to cast spells, but with the amount of different spellcaster options you have in your party, it becomes a bit redundant to make Lae'Zel another one of those options. The Champion doesn't really have a great deal of options available to it, but the Battle Master gives you plenty of options. 

With the Battle Master Subclass, you get access to Battle Manoevers, attacks that can knock your enemy prone or apply other status effects to them by spending a Superiority Dice, which you're given as you level up. These can change the tide of a lot of battles, so choose the correct Maneuvers for your playstyle, although we recommend you at least take these two at level 3:

  • Disarming Attack
  • Trip Attack

These two attacks are INCREDIBLY useful throughout the entire game. Disarming Attack reduces an enemy to either just attacking with their fists or using their action to pick up their weapon, which can give you another turn to whittle down their health. Trip Attack means that your enemy is knocked prone, and they have to use most of their movement to get up. This results in them being unable to reach any of your further away party members such as anybody at range.

Best Feats


  • Alert - If you want to really make use of your Battle Manoevers then going first is a great idea. Alert adds a +5 to your initiative and prevents you from being surprised. 
  • Defensive Duelist - This increases your Armour Class whenever you're attacked while wielding a Finesse Weapon you're proficient with. 
  • Great Weapon Master - This is a great shout for anybody with a melee build. Landing a Critical Hit or killing a target with a Melee attack allows you to make another attack as a bonus action, Heavy Melee Weapons you're proficient with can deal an extra ten damage at the cost of a -5 to your Attack Roll.

Lae'Zel Proficiencies

  • Acrobatics
  • Animal Handling
  • History
  • Insight
  • Perception
  • Survival
  • Simple Weapons
  • Martial Weapons
  • Shortswords
  • Longsword
  • Greatswords
  • Light Armour
  • Medium Armour
  • Heavy Armour
  • Shields

Best Equipment

To begin with, equip Lae'Zel with whatever you can get your hands on that will increase either her Strength or her Armour Class. Once you're in the endgame (Act 3) of Baldur's Gate 3 however, you want to make sure she's using the following equipment:

  • Helldusk Armour
  • Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength
  • Helldusk Boots
  • Balduran's Githslayer

There are a few weapons that you find over the course of the game that are specifically for Gith, as evidenced by the bonuses they give to the species. Make sure you equip these as soon as you get them to give Lae'Zel the best possible damage output.