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Best Battlefield 2042 Loadouts and Class Setups (Season 6)

Come and check out the best loadouts and classes in Battlefield 2042!
Best Battlefield 2042 Loadouts and Class Setups (Season 6)

Battlefield 2042, similar to Rocky vs Apollo Creed, is reluctant to go down without a fight, with EA and DICE releasing killer updates and game implementations to fuel the playerbase to return to the title and successfully do so. This has led to the masses flooding the Battlefield 2042 servers and in alliance looking for the best weapon classes.

Battlefield prides itself on having one of the most enjoyable gunplay experiences across FPS shooters, with fans returning to the franchise's titles; modern and past, to use fan-favorite weapons. With the return of players to Battlefield 2042, we feel it's fair to share some of our best weapon classes in Battlefield 2042!

Battlefield 2042 Best Loadouts and Classes: M5A3

The M5A3 is available to all players because it's a default assault rifle, making this likely the ideal class within the guide. The M5A3 provides players with an adaptive experience, allowing players to take out targets from all ranges of distances whilst staying comfortable and confident within the fight, minimizing risk and maximizing reward.

Image: DICE

The best M5A3 build:

  • Sight: Fusion Holo or anything with up to 2x/2.5x zoom
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue - Extended Mag or Close Combat
  • Underbarrel: BCG Light Grip or Rattlesnake Light Grip
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel or Shortened Barrel

The fusion holographic provides a great close-combat experience, however, it's welcome that players change the scope to 2x magnification to aid those longer-distance fights. Additionally, players have the opportunity to add a suppressor to the weapon if they deem it beneficial, although, this will make the weapon slightly less agile. 

Battlefield 2042 Best Loadouts and Classes: PP-29

The PP-29 provides the best up-close and personal experience within Battlefield 2042, especially within the new Season 6 map Redacted. This gun replicates everything associated with "runnin' and gunning," allowing players to quickly take objectives, flank, and destroy enemies with complete ease. 

653291ee03d99-pp-29 bf2042.jpg
Image: DICE

The best PP-29 build:

  • Sight: UH-1 Smart 1.5x
  • Magazine: Standard Mag
  • Barrel: Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake

Despite the lack of attachments, the PP-29 is best left almost vanilla, with the saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it" coming to mind. Allowing players to use the best version of the weapon without having to grind attachments and kills with the weapon, leading to mass destruction with minimal investment, again being ideal for newer players of Battlefield.

Battlefield 2042 Best Loadouts and Classes: NTW-50

Every best loadout guide needs a sniper rifle, the NTW-50 packs raw power into every round that exits the chamber, leaving enemies limbless from a single bullet. Hence we felt it was necessary to bring this weapon into this guide because of its unstoppable nature! 

653294fec7e48-NTW-50 BF.jpg
Image: DICE

The best NTW-50 build:

  • Sight: M11 6X or BKS 8X
  • Ammunition: Anti-Materiel High-Power
  • Underbarrel: ADR Bipod
  • Barrel: Factory Barrel

This setup should create the best sniper class in the entirety of Battlefield 2042, with players being able to reach kill-shot distances from hundreds of meters. This weapon can also be optimized for closer quarter maps like Redacted if needed, opting out for a more close-range scope if needed in defensive situations.