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Battlefield 2042 'Black Screen After Match' Fix

Battlefield 2042 has a persistent black screen bug and we go over how to remove the issue.
Battlefield 2042 'Black Screen After Match' Fix

Battlefield 2042 has been setting player count records recently. More people have taken the jump and started playing the game even though the game is already two years old. With all of the recent updates that the game has had in recent months, Battlefield 2042 is starting to feel refreshing for the fans.

With each season of the game, more content is added and that gives players plenty of reasons to come back. But some persistent bugs have been around that more players are taking note of. Here, we are going to go over the black screen bug and what to do when it appears in Battlefield 2042.

How To Fix Black Screen Bug After Battlefield 2042 Match

Although this is a rare bug, more players are starting to notice what has been commonly known as the black screen bug. After players complete a match of Battlefield 2042, a black screen is all they are rewarded with. At first glance, they cannot do anything about it but there are some workarounds players can implement.

The main way to fix the black screen bug after a match of Battlefield 2042 is to restart the game. Although it is unfortunate, there are not too many options left after the black screen bug happens. Players can also mess around with the anti-cheat system to try to fix it. But the most success is found by simply restarting the game and playing again.

Battlefield 2042 Black Screen Bug
Players are encountering a black screen they cannot escape after finishing a Battlefield 2042 match. (Picture: DICE)

Will DICE Ever Fix The Black Screen After Match Bug In Battlefield 2042

In theory, DICE should eventually fix the black screen after-match bug for Battlefield 2042. The fact of the matter is that this is almost a game-breaking bug as the game cannot be played anymore after players encounter it. If a game requires players to restart the game to fix the bug, this is a major issue.

Although that is the case, DICE has yet to fix this particular bug. The bug has been around for a while and players are starting to notice it more due to the increase of players that are hopping on. It may take some time before the developers take the time to patch the game to fix the bug. Hopefully, it will happen sooner rather than later so players no longer encounter this frustrating bug.

Battlefield 2042 Black Screen After Match Bug Fix Help
It might be a while before a patch for this bug appears. (Picture: DICE)