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Battlefield 2042 Specialists Tier List: Best Season 6 Specialist, Ranked

Come and check out the best to worst specialists in Battlefield 2042!
Battlefield 2042 Specialists Tier List: Best Season 6 Specialist, Ranked

Battlefield 2042 hits headlines once again after the playerbase surges to historical figures in Battlefield 2042 terms. After an underwhelming release, EA and DICE have attempted to revive the title at any cost, leading to the recent developments of Season 6, Dark Creations, where fans and Battlefield fanatics headed back to the battlegrounds again. 

Plenty of new content has been released for Battlefield 2042 over the last year, meaning players who haven't touched the title since 2021 will have a little bit of a rusty understanding of weapons, specialists, and maps. Therefore, today we're going to showcase the best to worst specialists in Battlefield 2042 and their uses! 

65325c7b415a9-Irish operator.JPG
Image: DICE

S-Tier Battlefield 2042 Specialists

The S-Tier operators are those that are heavily used within the battlefields, with players taking advantage of the specialist's uses, perks, and clear dominance. Despite being overused, these operators provide players with the best in-game support that guides them through the harshest of situations: 

  • Sundance - Obtains a scatter grenade and wingsuit that can be flown 
  • Casper - Recon drone and motion sensor that spots surrounding enemies 
  • Irish - Trophy system and replenishes gadget ammo after reviving teammates 

These three specialists provide the most strategic advantage on the battlefield, there are very few negative aspects or traits that these specialists hold. Players are comfortably able to support themselves and their teammates with these specialists, especially Sundance who can wingsuit quickly to defend/attack objects and support the team.

A-Tier Battlefield 2042 Specialists

65325c7b42748-Boris operator.JPG
Image: Dice

The A-Tier operators provide more of a single-player or team-based exclusive role in their entirety, leaving players with excellent specialists with very specific roles. A-tier operators lack the adaptation that the S-tier specialists provide, however, these specialists make their presence known and clear when fighting within Battlefield 2042:

  • Lis - Player-controlled anti-vehicle missile, amour hunter perk reveals nearby enemy vehicles for teammates to see and destroy
  • Falck - Healing pistol that can heal you, and your teammates, and damage the enemy. Combat surgeon perk increases health charges when using defibrillators
  • Boris - Deployable sentry gun, sentry operator perk improves nearby sentries 

These A-tier specialists are used by many players within the community, especially when it comes to conquest-driven game modes. Bois and Lis provide an excellent addition to all defense situations, allowing them to take out masses of players in very little time. 

B-Tier Battlefield 2042 Specialists

65325c7b41ed3-Battlefield casper operator.JPG
Image: DICE

The B-Tier operators are generally good at most aspects of fighting, although, they could be better and provide more team value. These specialists are more for the "selfish" player who is more kill than objective motivated; killing comes naturally to these specialists and adding masses of team contribution aside from kills doesn't.

  • Zain - XM370A airburst grenade rifle, perseverance perk recovers health after kill
  • MacKay - Grappling hook, nimble perk allows faster aiming and ziplining 

Zain and MacKay are more solo user specialists, allowing players to venture off into the wastelands on their own and dominate. MacKay is especially independent because the specialist can reach more unusual and unreachable spots through his grappling hook.

C-Tier Battlefield 2042 Specialists 

652d3300da9de-battlefield 2042 season 6.jpg
Image: DICE

The C-Tier specialists are the last excusable specialists to be used within Battlefield 2042, anything less than these guys will cause criticism from surrounding teammates. These specialists provide support on rare occasions and are more used for personal reasons: 

  • Crawford - stationary minigun, pockets perk increases the number of rockets carried 
  • Angel - Loadout crate delivers ammunition and crates that allow for loadout changes, trauma specialist perk allows the player to revive any ally and resupply them with primary and secondary ammo

Crawford provides a great line of suppressing fire whenever you need it, however, Crawford is usually dead within moments due to marksmen quickly killing him. Angel provides great support in rare situations; it's not often players require entire new loadouts.

D-Tier Battlefield 2042 Specialists

652d1fc907fb1-battlefield 2042 artwork.jpg
Image: DICE

The D-Tier specialists are where things become comical, simply because of their somewhat useless nature; in most cases, you don't use their ability or perks, leading to them being somewhat rendered useless.

  • Rao - Cyberwarfare suite temporarily disables vehicle systems and makes them lockable by missiles, also used to disorient enemy soldiers and hack non-vehicle systems, the acquisition perk makes those who damage you become spotted
  • Blasco - X6-Infiltration device jams targeting and spotting tech while highlighting enemy devices. Ambush expert perk cannot trigger motion-based gadgets and disrupts turret targeting 

Rarely, players are constantly in a scenario where they need to block and hack enemy equipment. These scenarios do pop up a couple of times, but it's only a couple of times...

E-Tier Battlefield 2042 Specialists

Image: DICE

The E-Tier specialist isn't at all respected by any players, making her reside in the depths of the menus waiting to be used by someone. Unfortunately, this specialist never reached their in-game potential:

  • Paik - EMG-X Scanner, temporarily highlights hostiles. Eagle-eyed perk shows those you damage become spotted for self and team

Despite appearing incredibly useful the perk becomes somewhat frustrating with all the prompts on-screen, highlighting the entire monitor in red and disorienting you from what needs focussing on such as other nearby players or objectives. 

F-Tier Battlefield 2042 Specialists

652d302260132-battlefield 2042.jpg
Image: DICE

The final F-Tier specialist is a meme, players use him when they're bored of try-harding and want to escape the endless cycle of capturing objectives and getting kills:

  • Dozer - ballistic shield, blast resistance from explosives 

Dozer provides little value in any respect in Battlefield 2042, with him sponging bullets and taking damage to his shield; not taking objectives or leaving an impact. His slow-moving and useless shield becomes the laughingstock of the battlefield.