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Battlefield 2042 Leaks Show Year 2 Upgrade Is Coming Soon

A leak has been revealed and it looks like Battlefield 2042 should get a major update pretty soon.
Battlefield 2042 Leaks Show Year 2 Upgrade Is Coming Soon

Battlefield 2042 has been going on pretty strong for a little over a year now. We are now currently in season 4 of the game with a good number of players finding out why the game is being played. Everything has been smooth sailing for Battlefield 2042 so far, but it seems like there are some troubles for EA.

Leaks are happening and Battlefield 2042 is not safe. As players are looking forward to season 5 for the game, they have been keeping their eyes out for potential leaks and they found them. Here, we are going to go over the Battlefield 2042 leaks and see what exactly the Year 2 updates found could potentially mean for the game.

What Are The Battlefield 2042 Leaks?

Battlefield 2042 Year 2 Update
Some information about Battlefield 2042 has been leaked. (Picture: DICE)

When playing Battlefield 2042 on PC, players will need to have a launcher known as Origin. Origin is essentially the main launcher for the game, even if you buy Battlefield 2042 on Steam. While looking at the source code for the game through Origin, a Reddit post shows what looks like to be a potential leak for the game.

In the API, it looks like something has been added and it is called the YEAR 2 UPGRADE. It looks like there are a bunch of placeholders surrounding this potential upgrade as well. The placeholder includes the price, start date, and a couple of other placeholders. It seems like EA is gearing up something big for Battlefield 2042.

What Is The Battlefield 2042 Year 2 Update?

Battlefield 2042 Year 2 Update
It seems like Battlefield 2042 will see another year of support. (Picture: DICE)

At the time of this writing, there is nothing known about the Year 2 update for Battlefield 2042. As we have indicated, this is a leak that was found by players who dug into Origin to find out more about the game. However, that does not mean that we cannot speculate about what could come to Battlefield 2042.

During the most recent seasonal update, players got a new map, a new map update, some new weapons, and a new vehicle. There could be more of that coming in the Year 2 update but it can also mean that EA and DICE will support Battlefield 2042 beyond Season 5. That would be huge for players who are invested in the game to not have to worry about another Battlefield taking over. We will update this page as soon as we know more.