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Battlerite Announces First Official Tournament

Upcoming battle arena game and budding esport Battlerite has announced that it will be helping to boost the game's presence as a competitive game with it's first official tournament. The announcement came alongside discussion of the upcoming second season of Battlerite, tying in with the game's first tournament. In teaming up with Twitch, Stunlock Studios will be hosting it's Enter The Arena competition, where a mix of invited teams and open qualifiers will compete to become the first Battlerite champions. The open qualifiers begin next week on 18 February, and will allow teams of three across Europe and North America compete for a place in the main event. The main tournament will feature eight teams in total, with four from the qualifiers and four from the invited teams. The main event itself will be a best of nine format with two minutes per match. With a $10,000 prize pool up for grabs, this isn't a tournament just about bragging rights either, with the top team claiming $2000 worth of winnings. It's an important step for any upcoming esport title, and will likely result in greater interest for esport organisations. As a competitive game Battlerite has been designed from the start with esports in mind, and many esports fans have been keeping a keen eye on the title to judge it's potential as a watchable game. With its fast paced, MOBA-like combat, Battlerite has the skill level of the likes of a League Of Legends but without the slower pace that often comes with the initial gold advantage emphasis that most MOBAs rely on. Battlerite was even one of our esports to watch our for in 2017 and, now with this first official tournament, there's probably never been a better time to get in on the ground floor with a new competitive game. Watch this s