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Vampire Bloodhunt - Preorder bonus, unlock time, and more

The upcoming Vampire Bloodhunt is set in the World of the Darkness universe. Check out everything from the pre-order bonus to the unlock time here.
Vampire Bloodhunt - Preorder bonus, unlock time, and more

Vampire Bloodhunt is a free-to-play battle royale game set in the World of Darkness universe. The game has a release date of 27th April 2022 on PC and PS5, with plenty of PS5 exclusive features.

The PS5 version of Vampire Bloodhunt also offers an optional Founders Ultimate Bundle that comes with plenty of extra goodies. You can get this version of the game from the PlayStation Store for $60. With that said, here's everything you will get in the Founders Ultimate Edition of Vampire Bloodhunt alongside the preorder bonuses. And if you're hoping to play the game at launch, below you will also find the unlock time for Vampire Bloodhunt on PC and PS5.

Vampire Bloodhunt PS5 pre-order bonus

vampire bloodhunt PS5 features
Vampire Bloodhunt has a ton of PS5 exclusive features. (Picture: Sharkmob AB)

As is the case with most titles, the game developers of Vampire Bloodhunt have provided an extra incentive for players to get their hands on the game early.

Everyone who pre-orders Bloodhunt: Founders Ultimate Edition on PS5 will receive a Samurai Mask of Epic Rarity, which, although just a single cosmetic item, looks pretty cool in-game.

Vampire Bloodhunt Founders Ultimate Edition content

ultimate founders edition vampire bloodhunt ps5
The Ultimate Founders Edition is exclusive to the PS5 version of the game. (Picture: Sharkmob AB)
  • Headrush and Fast Forward Outfits (Epic rarity)
  • 1,000 Tokens
  • Over 100 character customization items
  • 14 Outfits
  • 10 Character Emotes
  • 12 Body Art Items (Tattoos & Piercings)
  • Six Makeup Looks
  • Two Pieces of Eyewear
  • Two Hair choices and Eye Colors
  • 36 Player Icons
  • 26 Player Card Backgrounds

Players can use tokens to buy vanity items like outfits, emotes, make-up, tattoos, hair, eye colours, etc. These tokens can also be used to purchase the battle pass, which costs 950 tokens.

Vampire: Bloodhunt unlock time - PC and PS5

Vampire Bloodhunt PS5 release date PC release date
Vampire Bloodhunt unlocks a few hours earlier on PS5 compared to PC. (Picture: Sharkmob AB)

The PS5 players can start playing Vampire: Bloodhunt at 1 pm PT / 9 am BST / 4 am ET on 27th April 2022. On the other hand, PC players who had early access to the game will be able to play at launch time as PS5 players. Unfortunately, for PC players who don't have early access, the game doesn't unlock until 9 PM PT / 5 PM BST / 12 PM ET.

It's quite evident that PS5 players have an advantage here with the exclusive pre-order bonus, Ultimate Founders Edition, and an early unlock time. However, these aren't the only extra features that PS5 owners of the game will. The PS5 version of Vampire Bloodhunt also supports various DualSense functionalities and features two graphical modes.

That concludes our guide on Vampire Bloodhunt pre-order bonus and unlock time. Make sure you check our dedicated Vampire Bloodhunt section for more news, guides, and features.


Featured image courtesy of Sharkmob AB.