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Best LC10 loadout for Warzone Season 2

Get off to a flying start in Warzone Season 2 with the best LC10 loadout filled with all the right attachments to make this powerful new gun shine.
Best LC10 loadout for Warzone Season 2

The LC10 Submachine Gun has blasted its way into Warzone Season 2. At the start of the season, the LC10 is a very popular new gun and has quickly made its way up our SMG Tier list. To really make the LC10 shine, you need the best loadout featuring all the right attachments to melt your opponents in Verdansk.

Warzone Season 2 LC10: Best loadout

First up, you can unlock the LC10 SMG in Warzone Season 2 by reaching Battle Pass level 31. 

The LC10 has an above-average fire rate, with relatively low recoil, great accuracy and an extended effective damage range.

For the best LC10 loadout at the start of Warzone Season 2, we've focused on the gun's strengths, making it even deadlier in the process. This is a loadout for close to medium-ranged gunfights, where the LC10 can decimate opponents with a very quick time-to-kill.

best LC10 loadout warzone season 2 attachments(Picture: Activision Blizzard )

The Best LC10 loadout to use at the start of Season 2 is:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 13.9" Task Force
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 53 RND Drum
  • Stock: No Stock

The Agency Suppressor will keep you off the enemy radar, while also increasing vertical recoil control of the LC10. The Field Agent Grip adds both vertical and horizontal recoil control. 

We went with the STANAG 53 RND Drum since the LC10 already has a good reload speed. Then, we've gone for the No Stock, which increases your sprint-to-fire time by quite a lot, giving you the freedom to move and shoot quickly with the LC10

Lastly, we went with the 13.9" Task Force Barrel attachment for added effective damage range, increased bullet velocity and faster strafe speed. 

So there you have it, the best loadout for the LC10 to kick off your Warzone Season 2 journey with a lot of face-melting action.

The LC10 has already proven itself to be a very powerful new SMG and as the season progresses, we will share more exciting loadouts for your preferred playstyle.