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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Campaign: Floppy Disk Code Solution

Here, we will go over how to solve the Floppy Disk Code puzzle in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Campaign: Floppy Disk Code Solution

Whether it is through a sale or by getting it for free on a console subscription, there are a lot of people who are jumping back into Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. One key draw for those returning is to experience the game's campaign.

There are plenty of people who love the Call of Duty campaign mode and for good reason. It breaks up the multiplayer action to give you a more indepth look into Call of Duty Cold War. One thing that has players puzzled though is the floppy disk code in the Cold War campaign. Here, we will go over the floppy disk code solution in Call of Duty Cold War.

What You Need To Solve The Floppy Disk Puzzle In Cold War

Cold War Floppy Disk Puzzle Solution
Pattern recognition will be key to solving this puzzle in Cold War. (Picture: Activision/scannerbarkly on YouTube)

In Call of Duty Cold War, there are plenty of side missions to complete, such as Operation Chaos. One thing that you will need to note is that there is not a singular solution to solve the floppy disk puzzle. You will have to put in some legwork and solve some puzzles to do so.

To solve the floppy disk puzzle, you will need to collect some evidence. There are three pieces of evidence that you need to solve this puzzle. You need the Front Page of the Observer and it is found in the mission Redlight, Greenlight. You need the A Coded Message evidence found in the Nowhere Left to Run mission. Finally, you need the Numbers Station Broadcast evidence found in the Brick in the Wall mission.

How To Solve The Floppy Disk Code In Call Of Duty Cold War

Floppy Disk Puzzle Solution Cold War
Both solutions you are looking for are here on the Numbers Station Broadcast evidence. (Picture: Activision/scannerbarkly on YouTube)

Now that you have everything you need, it's time to solve the puzzle. The first thing that you need to do is look at the A Coded Message evidence. The red numbers and blue numbers are separate, so do not use them together. You will need to find the pattern to know what is next in the sequence. The best way to solve this part is by subtracting the difference between the highest number and the number next to it. From there, a pattern should emerge. Do that for both the red and blue numbers.

The next thing you do is take the two numbers you find and match them up with the Numbers Station Broadcast. Whatever city it matches up to, that is one of your solutions. Next, you need to go to the Observer page. From there, you can see that there will be red letters on the page. Take all of the red letters and write them out.

You will need to then go back to the Numbers Station Broadcast and see where the letters match up. The letters will match up with one of the cities on that list. Once you solve that, you will want to grab the numbers from that city as that is your second solution.

Now you need to decrypt the floppy disk. You will be asked for a code first. The code is the number solution you got from the Number Station Broadcast that you obtained through The Observer. The Passphrase is next and the solution here is the city you got from the coded message. Now you can do Operation Chaos.

If you need a visual example of how to solve this, check out this video from scannerbarkly on YouTube.