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JGOD claims Agency Suppressor "ruined" in Warzone Season 2

The YouTuber claims that the fix for Cold War attachments in Season 2 has "destroyed" many of them.
JGOD claims Agency Suppressor "ruined" in Warzone Season 2
Warzone Season 2 has finally arrived and it comes with an abundance of new content.

The new season brought new operators, weapons, game modes, the Season 2 Battle Pass, map changes, and much more.

Amongst other things, the 1.32 patch is finally updating Cold War attachments, something that has been an issue since they were added to Warzone, because almost none of them worked as they should.

This was quite confusing for Warzone players over the past few months, as text on attachments often didn't match with the actual effect in the game.

Their pros/cons often didn't have any real effect on gameplay or were even doing something completely different, and Warzone players either relied on their personal experience with the attachments or were watching content creators who were figuring out what hidden effects various attachments have on different weapons.

Popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD is one of those content creators who is doing the meticulous work of testing everything possible within the game in order to learn all those small details and exact behaviour of weapons and attachments in Warzone.

And JGOD is amongst the first Warzone players to confirm that Cold War attachments are now indeed working as intended in Warzone, but he claims that this fix has "ruined" Cold War weapons, particularly strong meta weapons like the FFAR.

"They've basically made it so you can trust the game now," JGOD says in the video. "But because they've done that, they also destroyed a lot of the attachments within the game."

Agency Suppressor warzone season 2
JGOD states that Agency Suppressor is now basically useless(Picture: JGOD)

He states that the biggest "victim" of this fix is the Agency Suppressor muzzle because when it was first introduced in Warzone, it came with a negative effect on Bullet Velocity, but players were complaining, so they change it to work similarly to Monolithic Suppressor.

But the text with Bullet Velocity in "Cons" remained, and now with attachments being fixed, it again hinders Bullet Velocity, rendering it almost useless.

The same goes for LW3 Tundra and Wrapped Suppressor, for which JGOD says will now "terribly destroy your Bullet Velocity".

On the other hand, JGOD claims that barrels are now significantly better for the XM4 and AK-47u. Before the update, some barrels were supposed to buff Damage Range and Bullet Velocity, but the actual effects were doing the opposite. After the 1.32 patch, barrels are applying 100% buff for both Damage Range and Bullet Velocity when put on the XM4 and AK-47u.

jgod Agency Suppressor ruined warzone season 2
JGOD shared his testing, and bullets were falling down almost like they were fired with a slingshot (Picture: JGOD)

In the video, JGOD showed his testing of fixed suppressors, where it is clearly visible that bullets now travel significantly slower and are dropping rapidly. Because of this any long-range sniper build simply can not use suppressors anymore.

Additionally, JGOD also tested if 4x and 20x optics for Cold War snipers are having a glint, and he confirmed that there is still no glint when using these optics.

It goes without saying that these changes will have a huge impact on the current meta and things will undoubtedly shift, but we will probably go through a period of a wild meta over the next few days or weeks until the players get used to how new attachments work and figure out what are the next best builds for Cold War weapons.

Until the new meta is settled, you can check out our Assault Rifle Season 2 tier list or maybe SMG Season 2 tier list if you prefer close-range combat.

UPDATE: Developers Raven Software confirmed that nerfs to Suppressors were unintentional, and they will be releasing a hotfix in order to return Agency/GRU/Wrapped Suppressors "to their former glory".