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Warzone Rebirth Island map and bundle leaked

It seems that Rebirth Island is all but confirmed as a new Warzone map.
Warzone Rebirth Island map and bundle leaked

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is imminent and with it, the new Warzone map is coming, along with the integration with Black Ops Cold War.

Since the new map was officially confirmed, fans have been speculating about it and trying to get clues on what can this new map be.

The obvious clue was the redacted text shown in the Season One road map image.

The section with the redacted these is titled "Classified Warzone experience", and near the end, just before the word "Island", there's a Russian word "Vozrozhdeniya" (partially visible as "eniya"), meaning "Rebirth".

If you are familiar with the Call of Duty lore, you know that Rebirth Island is synonymous with Alcatraz, and now the latest leaks are further confirming that Rebirth Island is indeed a new Warzone map, coming with Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

Warzone new map Rebirth Island leak

A leaker behind the Call of Duty Leaks Twitter account has shared several images that are practically confirming speculations that Rebirth Island will be a new map.

Warzone Rebirth Island new map leaked
(Picture: Activision)

In the game files, he has found two images mentioning Rebirth Island. One is a straight-out picture of the island with a text "Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island" which is by far the strongest evidence that Rebirth Island is coming to Warzone as a new map.

In the leaked image of the map, the first impression is most definitely how small the map looks, so if it is indeed a new Warzone map, it will be interesting to see how it will be impleaded into this Battle Royale mode.

The second datamined file was a picture of two barrels saying "Rebirth Island Free Bundle". The barrels are wrapped in some Christmas-looking ribbons, further suggesting that the map will arrive this December.

Warzone Rebirth Island new map leaked
(Picture: Activision) 

On 30th November, the leaker shared Alcatraz Calling Cards, another piece of the puzzle which points out towards Rebirth Island.

Alcatraz (Rebirth Island) has been recently added to Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale, and there it offers close-quarters combat and quicker games. Being small in scale, the map forces early engagements and the lobbies are much smaller, so that's something we can probably expect to see with the Warzone version of the map as well.

Earlier today, the leaker shared information about Black Ops Cold War starter packs and Battle Pass cosmetics.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is slated for release on 10th December 2020 for all platforms.