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MW3 Beta: Where Is Search And Destroy Mode?

Search and Destroy mode is seemingly unavailable in MW3, despite it being promised for the beta's second weekend.
MW3 Beta: Where Is Search And Destroy Mode?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is kicking off its second beta weekend, where players across all platforms can get hands-on with MW3's Multiplayer. So far, during Weekend 1, PlayStation players had the chance to drop into a number of maps including Favela, Estate, Rust, and more. 

The maps have been available across different modes, including Mosh Pit and Ground War. But, as part of the second weekend, players are expecting to get hands on with Search and Destroy. However, fans have already noticed that it seems to be missing from the playlist. So, what's going on?

Search And Destroy Missing From MW3 Beta

The patch notes for the Weekend Two beta state that Search and Destroy will be one of the available modes to play, alongside Cutthroat. However, fans have quickly noticed that the mode isn't currently available. 

It's likely that the mode will be available later on during the beta weekend, much like how Rust became available as a playable map after the early access beta period for Weekend 1. The patch notes also include the following information regarding the available modes, weapons and equipment:

"In addition to raising the Level Cap to 30 for greater access to weapons and equipment, you can expect to see the following experiences throughout the weekend."

It doesn't specify that all content will be available immediately with the launch of the beta, so players might have to wait until the open beta kicks off on October 14 for everything to become available.