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MW3: Campaign Open Combat Missions Explained

Open Combat Missions are hitting Modern Warfare 3 this Campaign, here's what you need to know to take them on.
MW3: Campaign Open Combat Missions Explained

Modern Warfare 3 introduces "Open Combat Mission" which will occur throughout the Campaign alongside the typical single-player missions we're all used to . Open Combat Missions offer an "unparalleled degree of freedom" within the Modern Warfare Campaign experience and allow players to make their own choices and decisions. 

MW3 Campaign: Open Combat Missions 

Open Combat Missions have fixed objectives that players have to complete, however, it's solely up to the player how they wish to complete that objective. The mission will begin, tell you your end objective, and you complete it at your own pace with your creativity. This allows players to feel more "involved" within the narrative instead of following prompts. 

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Image: Activision

A general guide to Open Combat Missions has been revealed, leading players to grasp a better understanding of the missions they're about to face during Campaign early access:

  1. You’re there to complete the mission, but how you do it is up to you. Slip through like a shadow or go in loud and start blasting. Scavenge extra gear throughout the AO to suit your preferred playstyle.
  2. While seeking out new weapons, Armor Plates, and other items, keep your eyes peeled for Ziplines and Ascenders often found near objective locations.
  3. Retreat into the environment, using your Ascender and Parachute to quickly get out of view. If the enemy loses sight of you for long enough, they will eventually stop their direct pursuit, and resort to searching the area.

Having to find weapons, armor plates, and equipment highlights the change in style Modern Warfare has adapted to their new campaign Open Combat Missions. 

Ultimately, Open Combat Missions sound similar to DMZ, except you're contributing to the narrative of the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. Players are able to have unique campaign experiences, allowing each playthrough to feel slightly different from the last.