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MW3 Campaign: How To Change Loadouts

Here's how to change your loadouts during Modern Warfare 3's Campaign.
MW3 Campaign: How To Change Loadouts

Modern Warfare 3 allows players to use the weapons of their choice within the Campaign, which is a somewhat unusual decision. Typically, the Campaign provides players with relevant weaponry suited to a mission, however, developers have allowed players to pick and choose their equipment. 

How To Change Your Loadout During The Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Image: Activision

Most weapons in the MW3 Campaign run out of ammo, leading to players having to search for an alternative firearm. Instead, players can locate a supply drop that will fund them with appropriate weapons and ammo. To find a supply drop follow these steps:

  1. Load into a Modern Warfare 3 Campaign mission 
  2. Locate a loadout supply drop, shown as white squares on your mini-map
  3. Once you locate the supply drop, follow the prompts and grab your weapon

When you access the drop it's important to note you're unable to select any weapon/attachment you desire within Modern Warfare. Instead, you're able to select any piece of equipment or weaponry you've already discovered in your current mission. 

Additionally, players can change their loadout after dying and are sent back to the beginning of a combat mission, allowing players to change their equipment and weapons. 

654930f76d69b-how to change loadout.jpg
Image: Activision

These supply drops look almost identical to Warzone weapon drops, therefore making them very identifiable in the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign. 

Supply drops are never hidden from players and are often located around important parts of each Campaign mission; MW3 knows you likely need a refill or equipment change-up.