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Classic Mini Map Returning In Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty has seemingly confirmed the return of the classic mini map, or "red dot", in Modern Warfare 3.
Classic Mini Map Returning In Modern Warfare 3

Ever since Activision's official announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, set to launch November 10, players have been keen to learn details on the upcoming gameplay features. Naturally, Activision has kept things pretty close to their chest, but more information is steadily trickling out. 

One feature that has been seemingly confirmed is the return of the classic mini map, in which red dots will appear when firing an unsuppressed weapon. For many, this has been a lifeline in matches. Being able to have some idea of where enemies are, even if not exactly, offers a little more strategy out on the field.

The feature was reportedly confirmed through a marketing line for the upcoming release. Over on X (Twitter), account @ModernWarzone posted a screenshot of their interaction with Activision's marketing number. In which, the automated message read "Mark your enemies. Be one step ahead." @ModernWarzone replied, "Can you mark the enemies in multiplayer with red dots on the minimap please?" They followed with simply "Red dot."

In response, the automated line replied with a red dot emoji, followed by "confirmed." It's hard to read into this in any other way, other than it confirming that red dots will be returning in Modern Warfare 3. 

@ModernWarzone was also keen to show how legitimate the interaction was, by posting previous messages made to the marketing line. In these messages, some more cryptic information was passed on, likely refering to the in-game MW3 reveal event happening in Warzone on August 17. One message read, "Major conflict incoming. A lot of opportunity. We need someone like you with experience in Al Mazrah. Are you able to receive sensitive intel? Yes/No."

More information surrounding Modern Warfare 3, such as gameplay features, news on betas, and pre-orders, are likely to emerge after the in-game reveal event. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Makarov Reveal Trailer to get a sense of what players will be up against: