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Modern Warfare 3: Cutthroat Mode Explained

Here, we go over everything you need to know about the brand new Cutthroat mode in Modern Warfare 3.
Modern Warfare 3: Cutthroat Mode Explained

Modern Warfare 3 has concluded its Beta weekends and players are hungry for the full release; new game modes, exciting weapons, and riveting in-game experiences have provided quite the insight into the upcoming full release of the title. A new game mode called Cutthroat has hit Call of Duty, which features a similar approach to the original Modern Warfare 3 game mode, "Face-off." 

Some had being led to believe Cutthroat mode features within the new Zombies playlist, but they are gravely mistaken. Cutthroat will instead be part of the Multiplayer playlist.

Modern Warfare 3 Cutthroat Mode Explained 

Image: Activision

Modern Warfare 3's Cutthroat mode is a new matchmaking game mode that places three separate trios on the same map and forces each team to battle the other (3v3v3). Once Cutthroat becomes available to players, it's likely it'll feature smaller maps such as Rust, Favela, and Terminal. It's also a possibility the maps will be slightly revamped to make the locations smaller due to house smaller match sizes. 

Activision has also mentioned that players could see Cutthroat in the competitive playlist, meaning players will be able to progress and play against enemies with similar skill levels. This overall adds some great playability and player motivation to Cutthroat. Plenty of players resist more "arcade" style game modes, but, this might influence play. 

The Cutthroat will include separate objectives within each game, such as the Modern Warfare 3's (2011) 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 Face-off playlists. The teams will be placed inside the map, and have separate objectives, such as Domination, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and other potentials. 

Despite the lack of distinct confirmation on the in-game specifics of Cutthroat, it's going to be a perfect game mode to enjoy late nights with the squad.