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How To Unlock Forged Camo For Snipers In MW3

Come and find out how to unlock the Forged camo on MW3 Snipers!
How To Unlock Forged Camo For Snipers In MW3

Unlocking the Forged Camo for Sniper Rifles in Modern Warfare 3 isn't a challenging task; however, it will take players a lot of patience and strategy. Players will first have to unlock Gilded and the base camouflages on all of the sniper rifles before trying to unlock Forged; this causes little trouble and takes players less than a few hours. 

MW3: How to Unlock Forged Camo for Snipers 

6565d32d91b01-mw3 longbow sniper rifle.jpeg
Image: Activision

Each sniper rifle has different Forged Camouflage unlock requirements, differing between each rifle, and you can see their challenges below:

  • LONGBOW: Get 25 Kills while ADS and fully loaded 
  • KATT-AMR: Get 15 penetration kills
  • KV INHIBITOR: Get 25 headshot kills 

Each weapon has its strategy that we will break down below:

LONGBOW: The LONGBOW requires players to get 25 kills while aiming down sight with a full magazine; this means players will have to kill a player with their first bullet, reload, and repeat to progress towards the Forged Camouflage. 

It's recommended that players use the base LONGBOW to complete this challenge and head onto close-quarter combat maps, such as Rust, to complete this task. 

6565d596bb4b2-katt amr.jpeg
Image: Activision

KATT-AMR: Players are required to get 15 kills through penetrative surfaces, which is quite tricky for the KATT-AMR. We recommend playing the map Skidrow due to the high amount of penetrative surfaces, such as loose furniture and closed doors around the map.

Players can shoot through any surfaces to complete this challenge; as long as the game registers each kill as a "Wallbang," you will be granted the progress towards the camo. 

KV INHIBITOR: Getting 25 headshots is likely the easiest challenge of them all; players should equip a close-range scope and head onto a close-quarter map such as Rust to ensure they can quickly get both kills and headshots. 

Players can also head onto maps such as Terminal with the default scope to attempt to get headshots; it's all preference. Most players will find it easier to sit at the back of a map and snipe AFK or other camping players to get their easy headshots, which we recommend.

After unlocking the Forged Camouflage on each of these sniper rifles, players will be able to move closer to unlocking the Priceless Camouflage on all weapons.