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How To Get Gilded & Forged Camo For Knives

Struggling to get Gilded and Forged on the Knives? Come find out our strategies!
How To Get Gilded & Forged Camo For Knives

Progressing through camouflages on Modern Warfare 3 takes both time and patience, especially when trying to unlock Gilded and Forged on the knives. Players attempting to unlock Interstellar will need to complete this difficult task; however, there are several strategies players can implement into their playing styles to complete this challenge fast.

MW3: How to Get Gilded Camo on Knives 

6565c6cada56a-Gilded knife.JPG
Image: Activision

Unlocking the Gilded camouflage on the knives is relatively simple, provided you know what you're doing. Players will be required to "kill ten operators affected by your tactical device," meaning players will have to kill ten enemy players with the knife after using a flashbang, concussion, or similar tactical device. 

It's worth noting that the enemy player must be affected by the device whilst killing them; flashing the enemy and then killing them whilst unaffected by the flash will not count towards the Gilded unlock

To complete this task, follow these instructions:

  • Equip "infantry" perk - Increases tactical sprint length 
  • Equip "Ordnance" perk - allows you to throw equipment further 
  • Equip "Lightweight" perk - allows faster movement and swim speed 

Players should also take advantage of close-quarter combat map playlists, such as Rust 24/7, allowing players to farm kills rapidly, gaining the Gilded Camo fast. 

MW3: How to Get Forged Camo on Knives 

6565cba7b0788-Forged knife camo.JPG
Image: Activision

After unlocking Gilded on the Modern Warfare 3 knives, players will likely progress onto Forged camouflages, which are slightly more difficult to unlock than Gilded. 

Players are recommended to keep the same perks listed above for completing the Forged challenges; this will allow for fast movement and agility. 

Players will need to kill five operators with the knives before dying ten times, forcing players to get ten separate five kill-streaks to unlock the Forged camo.

Players who complete this challenge should also be equipped with:

  • The "Covert Sneakers" Perk
  • Smoke grenades 
  • Scattermines 

These items will allow players to cover themselves in tricky situations, ensuring they're able to flee the scene without dying. Smoke grenades allow players to evade populated areas without dying and losing their current kill streak. 

Players must play larger-scale maps such as Terminal; this will allow players to have more freedom and opportunities to survive conflicts. Playing the 24/7 Rust playlist will result in immediate deaths and low-kill streaks.