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Modern Warfare 3: How To Check Kill Death (KD) Ratio

If you're dedicating hours to Modern Warfare 3, you'll want to learn how to check your Kill/Death (KD) ratio.
Modern Warfare 3: How To Check Kill Death (KD) Ratio
Activision, Alexandra Hobbs

Modern Warfare 3 has players once again jumping into online Multiplayer and dominating the lobbies. But whether you've been having incredible matches, or have taken a few too many losses, checking your Kill/Death (KD) ratio will provide you with some important stats.

Can You Check KD Ratio In Modern Warfare 3?

Yes, players can once again keep tabs on their KD ratio in Modern Warfare 3, much like they could in Modern Warfare 2. This time the stats are under your Combat Record, which will show off your stats for Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. 

Not only can you get a glimpse at things like your KD ratio, time played, games played, and more, but by clicking on each individual section you'll get an even more intricate breakdown. 

How To Check KD Ratio In Modern Warfare 3

To check your KD ratio, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the menu by pressing 'Options' on console or F1 on PC
  2. Look for the 'Stats' section
  3. Open up the 'Combat Record' to see stats on KD, games played, win/loss ratio

You can also check you KD ratio after the end of every match. The screen will pop up automatically after the match's conclusion - of course, this will only show you your stats for your most recent match. While you're queuing up in the lobby for your next match, you should also be able to check your stats from your previous match if you missed them the first time around. Simply press R2 on console, or your respective key bind.

How To Unlock Stats In Modern Warfare 3

Stats will only be unlocked once you hit Level 10. (Picture: Activision, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

If you're new to Modern Warfare 3 you won't be able to check your overall stats right away. To unlock the 'Stats' section in your Options, you'll need to first reach Level 10 and play five matches of any game mode.