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How To Get Zombie Ghost Skin In MW3 & Warzone

The new Zombie Ghost Operator Skin is dead good. Here's how to get it in MW3, MW2 & Warzone.
How To Get Zombie Ghost Skin In MW3 & Warzone

A new Zombie Ghost Operator Skin is up for grabs across Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, and the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. Call of Duty fans were recently treated to a new cinematic trailer showing off the Zombies mode in MW3, set for release on November 10, 2023. The trailer gave some context as to how the zombie outbreak emerges this time around, as well as hinting at the mode having some tie-in with the main campaign. 

 With Zombies mode having become an essential part of the Call of Duty experience, Activision have upped the celebrations by giving fans the chance to get their hands on a Zombies-inspired Operator Skin — Zombie Ghost. Below, we'll explain how to unlock him for use across MW2, Warzone, and MW3.

How To Unlock Zombie Ghost Operator Skin

Eager players will likely already be eligible to receive Zombie Ghost. (Picture: Activision)

Getting Zombie Ghost is pretty straightforward. This particular Operator Skin is an unlock bonus for those who have pre-ordered a digital edition of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Be it Standard or Vault Edition, as long as your pre-ordered copy of MW3 is digital you'll automatically unlock Zombie Ghost.

What's more is that players will be able to start using Zombie Ghost ahead of MW3's release on November 10. Zombie Ghost will be playable from September 27, 2023 in Warzone and MW2 (as long as you've digitally pre-ordered MW3). 

If you've already pre-ordered MW3, ahead of the Zombie Ghost announcement, you'll still automatically receive him across the three titles. It goes without saying that Zombie Ghost will only be available in MW3 once the game is released.

When Is Zombie Ghost Available In MW3?

Zombie Ghost will be available to use in MW3 once the game launches on November 10, 2023. Players will need to have digitally pre-ordered the game ahead of this date in order to receive the bonus Operator Skin. It's unclear whether the skin will be made available through other means post-launch. 

Zombies mode will also be available in MW3 from launch, meaning you'll be able to hop into the game mode immediately upon release.