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Modern Warfare 3 Logo Seemingly Leaked

A logo for the upcoming Call of Duty 2023, thought to be Modern Warfare 3, has seemingly leaked.
Modern Warfare 3 Logo Seemingly Leaked

Leaked images of what appears to contain the logo for Modern Warfare 3 have seeminly leaked online. The logo appears to be present on special boxes on what is thought to be an upcoming promotion with Monster Energy. 

As reported by Charlie Intel, the images have supposedly come via @algebra_sloth on Twitter. The logo shows Call of Duty in its regular font, sitting atop large print which reads "Modern Warfare." Underneath the title are three red bars, representing the number 3. Behind the logo is popular Call of Duty character, Price. 

It's unclear exactly where the box for these promotional packs of Monster Energy have originated from, but it seems the upcoming deal will feature in-game rewards for the 2023 Call of Duty title, and possibly Warzone. The bonus rewards appear to offer an Operator skin and a Double XP token as part of the deal. 

Activision has yet to confirm the official release of Call of Duty 2023, or its name, though many leaks have pointed to it being Modern Warfare 3. More details on the upcoming release, including a reveal event, are set to arrive soon alongside the MW2 & Warzone Season 5 announcement. The official Call of Duty Twitter account previously asked fans: "Should #MWII Operators, Weapons and Bundles carry forward into Call of Duty 2023?" to which they posted a follow-up tweet saying, "Look for the first details about the [REDACTED] Reveal Event in the Season 05 Announcement and additional #MWII carry forward details soon. Stay frosty."