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Does Modern Warfare 3 Have Skill-Based Matchmaking?

A lot of Call of Duty players are wondering whether skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) will be used in the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Let's find out.
Does Modern Warfare 3 Have Skill-Based Matchmaking?

"Does Modern Warfare 3 have skill-based matchmaking?" is one of the most burning questions among the Call of Duty community regarding MW3. With the launch of the full game, the skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) debate has been the talk of the town once again.

What Is Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM)?

SBMM is a feature that tries to match players with similar skill levels to ensure a fair and balanced playing experience. The idea is that players who are new to the game or have lower skills will not be matched with players who are more experienced or have higher skills, and vice versa. This way, everyone can enjoy the game without feeling frustrated or bored.

However, not everyone is happy with SBMM, arguing that it makes the game too hard or too boring for casual and competitive players alike. We'll discuss it in detail later in this article.

Does Modern Warfare 3 Have Skill-Based Matchmaking?

Does Modern Warfare 3 Have Skill-Based Matchmaking

The short answer is yes. Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer modes rely on a skill-based matchmaking system to group players together. Although developers have never confirmed its existence in the Call of Duty franchise, a former developer confirmed its presence, according to a report by CharlieIntel.

Treyarch developer Martin Donlon also addressed the SBMM controversy in a 2020 tweet. He explained that SBMM, or skill-based matchmaking, is just one of the factors that affect how players are matched in Call of Duty games. He also mocked the idea that SBMM is a simple on/off option. However, he later deleted his tweet.

Why Are CoD Players Against Skill-Based Matchmaking?

Some CoD players argue that casual playlists should not have SBMM. They claim that SBMM belongs only in ranked play. Others disagree and accuse high-skill players of being hypocritical for wanting to play against lower-skilled players rather than those of their own caliber.

Call of Duty players also believe that SBMM can make gameplay boring, as players may encounter the same difficulties and tactics in every match. The SBMM system also leads to critical issues like long matchmaking times.

As a result, finding a match with similar opponents may take too long for players who are either very high or very low in skill. Moreover, it may encourage smurfing when experienced players make new accounts to play against less skilled opponents.

Can You Turn Off SBMM In Modern Warfare 3?

Can You Turn off SBMM in Call of Duty Games

No, you cannot turn off Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) Modern Warfare 3. Despite some claims and guides suggesting that players can disable SBMM by manipulating the Party Finder option or changing their playstyle preferences, these methods are not effective. The developers have not provided an official option to disable SBMM, and the feature remains a controversial topic in the Call of Duty community.