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MW3 Zombies: All Boss Locations

Looking for a challenge? Here's where you can find all the Modern Warfare 3 bosses and their locations.
MW3 Zombies: All Boss Locations

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies offers a diverse plethora of bosses for players to battle. Whether that be a gigantic zombie/snake hybrid known as "Orcus" or the amalgamation of meat, also called "Mega Abomination." These bosses make the zombie experience worthwhile in MW3; here are their locations.

MW3 Zombies: All Boss Locations 

655f51ab15575-BOSS LOCATIONS.jpg
Image: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has both set and randomly assigned boss spawns. The above showcases the set spawns for some of the MW3 Zombie bosses:

  • Bishop: Sector D1 inside the underground tunnel 
  • Knight: Sector F6 on the Urzikstan roads, the boss drives around the map
  • Rook: Sector C5, located on the complex building roof 
  • Fortress: Sector D2 inside the AI fortress complex, inside the center building 

These are the "set" boss fights that respawn in the same locations each playthrough. Players can farm these bosses if decided, leading to higher XP rewards and more experience within the game. 

Players who are trying to defeat Orcus must complete a series of quests and challenges before being able to battle the boss. This will occur through the MW3 Zombies storyline and missions, when fighting Orcus, players will be transported by helicopter to the boss battle. This battle isn't available to anyone who hasn't completed the missions. 

MW3 Zombies: Boss Map Locations 

6551240ade1f7-Mini map.JPG
Image: Activision

Players looking to defeat general bosses such as the "Mega Abomination" will need to travel to the Tier 2 and 3 zones. The Tier 1 zone is where players spawn, having lower-end enemies and generic zombies spawning inside these areas.

The Old Town is where players will face the most trouble with Mega Abominations and other unique bosses. However, if players want to defeat other enemies, head to these general locations:

  • Warlord: Legacy fortress, northern tier two-zone 
  • Stormcaller: Inside any Aether storm 

Players looking for Stormcaller will have to find the boss inside Aether Storms, these are dark and cloudy locations on the map. These arent set to any specific tier zones and can occur anywhere on the map. An Aether Storm is very recognizable due to the dark colors, clouds, and slightly purple overtone; storm caller will spawn and try to kill you.