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MW3 Zombies: All Mystery Box Locations

Can't seem to find the Mystery Box? Come and find out all the MW3 Zombies Mystery Box locations.
MW3 Zombies: All Mystery Box Locations

Call of Duty's Mystery Box is an icon across gaming culture and finding the box has never proved a difficult task. However, since the developers have chosen the "open world" approach to MW3 Zombies, players are beginning to struggle to find the Mystery Box, hence why we've shared all the MW3 Mystery Box locations. 

MW3 Zombies: All Mystery Box Locations

655d1062e0e06-all mystery box locations.jpg
Image: Activision

The Mystery Box within Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has seventeen different spawn locations across the entire map of Urzikstan. These locations are shown with the Mystery Box icon on the image above, showcasing each location players can reach within the game. 

The Mystery Box primarily spawns within the Tier 2 and 3 zones, however, players can reach numerous Mystery Box locations in Tier 1, also known as the spawn zone. This allows players to access the Mystery Box across all different zones and map Tiers, helping players in moments of doubt. 

Each Mystery Box is surrounded by Zombies and different aggressive AI, so it's highly unlikely players will find a Mystery Box without any hassle. Each Mystery Box seen in the image above costs the same amount to use; 950 Essence. There's a lot of ambiguity surrounding the Mystery Box prices in higher Tier zones; they're all the same price. 

MW3 Zombies: How To Find The Mystery Box

655d126b7a837-box blue light.jpg
Image: Activision

Finding the Mystery Box in Modern Warfare 3 is the same as any Call of Duty: look for the blue ascending light in the sky and head towards it. The box will be located beneath this blue light, and the cycle will repeat when the box cycles to a new location. 

Modern Warfare 3 also provides a new way to locate the Mystery Box due to the size of the map. Players are now able to find the box by checking their tac-map and looking for a Mystery Box location, allowing players to ping the locating in-game and find it easily.

Unfortunately, there are no set Mystery Box locations per Zombies match, every mission will have a different Mystery Box allocation.