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MW3 Zombies: How To Complete Chess Board Easter Egg

Completing the Chess Board Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies proves quite the task.
MW3 Zombies: How To Complete Chess Board Easter Egg

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, like any other Zombies, contains several easter eggs for players to enjoy and complete. Despite the overwhelming features the Zombie modes provide, players can venture through the lands of Urzikstan in hopes of finding a deeper meaning to the Zombie narrative — and the Chess Board Easter Egg does just that.

MW3 Zombies: What Is The Chess Board Easter Egg?

Image: Activision

Players looking to complete the Chess Board Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies need to find the chess board in the mansion's secret room. The mansion is located in grid H7, at the bottom right area of the map. The chess board inside the mansion replicates the map of Urzikstran — look for the chess pieces on the map and remember their sectors:

  • Pawn: I1
  • Bishop: D1
  • Rook: C5
  • Knight: F6

Players will need to head to each of these sectors to complete a boss fight. Once defeating the boss, a cell phone will be dropped. Players will need to collect the four cell phones from the bosses before progressing with the easter eggs. 

MW3 Zombies: Boss Fights & Cellphones Locations

655bc94b17d2b-The bishop.jpg
Image: Activision

Players will need to complete a series of boss fights on each listed sector before retrieving the cellphones needed to complete the easter egg.

When locating "The Bishop" in sector D1 inside the underground tunnel, players will experience quite a difficult boss battle. It's highly recommended players complete this battle alongside friends, this is due to the enemy AI The Bishop will have alongside him.

The Knight Boss fight will be inside sector F6. The boss will be inside an armored car alongside the Urzikstan railroads. Follow the armored car and destroy the "Knight" to retrieve the cell phone. Several AI roadblocks will try and stop you.

The Rook boss fight will be located at a complex building in C5. This boss will be hard to reach on the top floor. However, killing the Rook will be relatively easy after which it will drop a cell phone. 

The Pawn cell phone doesn't require a boss fight, players will simply need to locate the phone inside an isolated house by the river in sector I1. The cell phone is located on a small TV within the isolated house. 

MW3 Zombies: How To Complete Chess Board Easter Egg

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Image: Activision

To finish the Chess Board Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies, head back to the original mansion location in sector H7 and unlock the secret room's door. Once the door opens, players will be rewarded with plenty of resources such as perks, Ethereum, and schematics. 

Note the final chest in the secret room will spawn a friendly red mimic boss that featured in Call of Duty Cold War's Zombie mode. Players will be required to kill the "King Boss" to claim the completion of the easter egg.