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MW3 Zombies: How To Get Borealis Camo

Taking it to the next level? Here's how to unlock the Borealis Mastery camo in MW3 Zombies.
MW3 Zombies: How To Get Borealis Camo

Modern Warfare 3 provides a "dark matter" mastery camo equivalent on both Multiplayer and Zombies, allowing players to strive for absolute greatness across the platforms. The Zombies' ultimate camouflage is known as "Borealis" and today we're going to show you how to unlock the final mastery camo in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. 

How To Unlock The Borealis Camo In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies 

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Image: Activision

The Borealis camo is the final Zombies mastery camo available for players to unlock. Reaching the point of unlocking Boralis takes a significant amount of time and players will need to remain patient when unlocking this one. To unlock the Borealis camo in MW3 Zombies, complete the following challenges:

After unlocking every mastery camo on every MW3 weapon in Zombies, players will be rewarded the unlock of Borealis on every weapon. Players will not need to complete an additional challenge per weapon to unlock the Borealis camo once they unlock all prior camouflages.

MW3 Zombies Borealis Camo Unlock Requirements

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Image: Activision

Considering Borealis is the final mastery camo on MW3 Zombies, players typically have a few questions regarding this camouflage. 

MW3 Zombies: How long does it take to unlock Borealis camo?

Players will have to unlock every mastery camouflage on Zombies before being able to collect their Borealis camouflage. Therefore, players have to obtain Golden Enigma, Zircon Scale, and Serpentinite before being given Borealis. 

In terms of total play time, it's estimated to take approximately 48 hours of challenge-dedicated gameplay to unlock the Borealis Camouflage. 


MW3 Zombies: Do I need to unlock Multiplayer camos for Borealis?

Straightforward answer, no. 

The Modern Warfare Multiplayer mastery camouflages are completely separate from the zombies mastery camouflages, thankfully.


MW3 Zombies: What weapons do I need to unlock all mastery camos on?

Players will need to unlock all zombie mastery camouflages on the mainstream MW3 weapons, this includes:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Battle Rifles
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • LMGs 
  • Marksman Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Handguns
  • Launchers 
  • Melee 

Players won't need to worry about MW or MW2 weapons that have been transferred across onto MW3. You can identify MW3 dedicated weapons with the "MW3" logo on each weapon in the create-a-class menu. 

It's highly recommended players attempt to unlock the Borealis camouflage on MW3 Zombies, simply because it's a nice but difficult goal to strive towards.