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MW3 Zombies: Secret Vault Easter Egg Guide

The secret room in MW3 Zombies grants players an abundance of loot.
MW3 Zombies: Secret Vault Easter Egg Guide

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies provides players with opportunities that come with high rewards, such as locating the Secret Vault on Urzikstan. The secret vault requires players to find a series of transmissions around the map to open the vault.

MW3 Zombies: How To Unlock The Secret Vault

655f5b0444105-secret safe guides.jpg
All four transmitter locations (Image: Activision)

Players will need to locate a series of transmitters around the map before unlocking the secret vault. The transmitters will be guarded by enemy zombies and bosses, forcing players to defeat the enemies in these locations:

  • Truck driving around the outside of the orange zone perimeter (prompted on map).
  • Underground Tunnel between Levin Resort and Power Plant 
  • Top Floor of a Hotel in Northern Zaravan City
  • Lonesome hut in the top right region of the map, also a spawn location

When heading to these locations players will be prompted to let them know they're entering a boss battle. If this doesn't occur, someone has likely already completed the objective before you, meaning you can no longer access the secret vault. 

It's recommended players have high-tier weaponry before heading to these locations due to the high volume of enemies and their capabilities. After killing the enemies, a purple-highlighted transmitter will drop onto the floor, collect it, and head to the next location.

MW3 Zombies: Secret Vault Location 

655f5d8ef21d6-MW3 Shahin Manor.jpg
Shahin Manor (Image: Activision)

After obtaining all four transmitters from the locations mentioned, players will need to head to Shahin Manor inside sector H7 of the map. When reaching this location players will need to head inside the manor and begin to hunt for the secret room. 

The secret room is located on the top floor of the building. The secret room will be stashed in the corner with a door and a big red button. Simply head towards the red button and select the prompt "unlock the vault." 

Players who don't receive the prompt will need to stand back from the door. This is a known bug so don't panic. After unlocking the vault, players will be granted all the loot they desire, such as Aether caches, gold bars, and some perks for players to use throughout their Modern Warfare 3 Zombies playthrough.