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Civilization 7 gameplay reveal hype train is now leaving the station

The hype train is officially on the tracks for the Civilization 7 gameplay reveal.
Civilization 7 gameplay reveal hype train is now leaving the station
2K/Firaxis Games

After years of anticipation, the excitement for Civilization 7 is only going to increase now that 2K and developer Firaxis Games have unveiled the next installment's first teaser trailer. While they'd previously confirmed that work on a new Civ game was underway, things are now kicking into another gear. We now know the targeted Civilization 7 release window, and more importantly when fans will get the first look at actual gameplay.

Civilization 7 gameplay reveal date teased in first trailer

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The teaser trailer for Civilization 7 was gorgeous with an extended flythrough camera looking at various eras we expect to see come to life when the game finally arrives. Unfortunately, the one thing this teaser didn't have much of was actual gameplay news.

Players will have to wait a bit longer, as the Civilization 7 gameplay reveal is confirmed to arrive in August 2024. Exactly what it will include hasn't been confirmed aside from "new features and innovations," but that could mean just about anything for the next chapter in a series that has been evolving for more than three decades.

One thing we can likely count on is a pretty substantial reveal, as Firaxis Games normally doesn't go minimal on gameplay previews. We've seen everything extended interviews with devs going over new features in the past, and even just extended real-time gameplay footage as part of a presentation.

Civilization 6 was bolstered several times after launch with major DLC expansions that significantly altered the overall feel of the game. Entirely new mechanics would be felt throughout an entire game, and we're likely to see further refinement and evolution of those in Civ 7.

All we know for sure is that the Civ 7 release date is set for 2025. Most major Civ games of the last few decades have been fall releases with Civ 3, Civ 4, Civ 5, and Civ 6 all using September or October release dates. We could easily see them change that up and go with a summer or spring Civ 7 release if the game is already prepared, but the first look at gameplay in action is just a few short months away.