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Civilization VI - Leader Pass DLC Leak, Features and more

Here's everything we know so far about the recent Leader Pass DLC leak for Civilization VI and what we're expecting from it.
Civilization VI - Leader Pass DLC Leak, Features and more

The popular turn-based strategy title Civilisation hasn't received any new content updates for some time, causing fans to suspect that the developers had moved on to a new title, but a recent leak suggests otherwise. We now have some information regarding a new DLC coming to Civilization VI, the most recent installation of the game.

So if you're interested in knowing more about the possible Leader Pass DLC coming to Civilization VI, then keep reading. Below we will discuss everything we know about the leaked information as well as what we can expect from the game if the DLC is released. 

Civilization VI - Leader Pass DLC Leak 

Civilization VI is the most recent entry into the franchise, and after a year of not receiving any content updates, it appears that fans may have something to look forward to. Thanks to a recent leak pointed out by Redditor zegalsp, the official Civilization website posted a preview of a new DLC -called Leader Pass- in the form of an image that alludes to new content coming soon to Civilization VI. 

Civilization VI Leader Pass DLC Leak Leak itslef
Although it's been removed, the above image showcases the leak that was released on the official Civilization website. (Picture: Firaxis)

The preview was not clickable and only displayed the image graphic from what we know. And unfortunately, you can no longer view the Leader Pass graphic there, as the leak has since been removed from the website. Having said that, a sharp-eyed Redditor was able to capture a screenshot of the DLC's appearance, demonstrating that more content for Civilization VI is on the way.

Civilization VI - Leader Pass DLC Features

In the leaked "Leader Pass" DLC, more historical figures, including Abraham Lincoln, Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba, and perhaps Elizabeth I, are introduced to Civilization VI. And while these characters aren't confirmed at the moment since the post was removed, many fans are optimistic that this is a real possibility due to the nature of the post being similar to previous Civilization content announcements. 

Civilization VI Leader Pass DLC Leak Features
The Leader Pass DLC will likely contain more characters and content for players to enjoy, which has many fans excited for its possible release. (Picture: Firaxis)

This is further backed by the past interviews with the developers, who stated that the last DLC for Civilization VI was to be the last "for this season." This could imply that more seasons for Civilization VI are on the way and would justify a new DLC in the works. 

For now, we urge players to keep a pulse on the official Civilization Twitter page to be in the loop on any information that might come regarding this leaked DLC. And, of course, be sure to check back here soon for more information regarding this DLC as more information becomes available. 

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Featured image courtesy of Firaxis.