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BoomTV Warzone Champions Challenge: Schedule, format, teams, prize pool, and how to watch

BoomTV is back with another Warzone tournament boasting a $30,000 prize pool and featuring popular content creators like Vikkstar and Symfuhny.
BoomTV Warzone Champions Challenge: Schedule, format, teams, prize pool, and how to watch

Esports tournament platform BoomTV is back with yet another Warzone event, and this time around it won't be limited only to players from Europe and North America, instead, we will have a chance to watch teams from all around the world in a battle for their region's pride and glory.

Some of the biggest Warzone content creators from all around the world will compete for a chance to win a piece of a 30,000 USD prize pool.

Each invited team will represent one region of the world, so everyone will have someone to cheer for, even if your favourite content creator is not participating.

How to watch Warzone Champions Challenge
(Picture: BoomTV)

Warzone Champions Challenge Schedule

The event is set for Wednesday, 4th November and it will be a single-day event.

Phase 1 starts at 2 PM PT / 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET and it is expected to last around 3 hours, after which another two hours will be added for phase two.

Warzone Champions Challenge Format

The tournament is a Trios event and players can play on either PC or PlayStation 4 with crossplay enabled, with their main accounts. 

Phase 1

  • The first phase is a standard Kill Race 3-hour format.
  • Points are awarded for every elimination.
  • A first-place finish is worth 25 points.
  • The top four teams advance to the finals

Phase 2

The best four teams will compete for another two hours in order to decide the champion.

How to watch $30K Champions Challenge Warzone event
(Picture: BoomTV) 

Warzone Champions Challenge Teams

Trios from all around the world will be competing in this event.

Currently. BoomTV confirmed 6 teams, while Team Vikkstar and  Team Ninext full squads are yet to be confirmed.

  • Symfuhny, HusKerrs, & ZLaner
  • Recrent, Smith, & Ubica
  • Sn4rFx, tonyboyofc, & ninext
  • FataL, Zepa, & Jestxh
  • AGBIN3R, Safiro FK, & SKRxFACE1
  • Rush WinRed, Rush Greedz, & Rush GP
  • Team Vikkstar
  • Team Ninext 

Warzone Champions Challenge

Prize pool

The event boasts a $30,000 prize pool, which will be shared among three best teams.

  • 1st place reward: $15,000
  • 2nd place reward: $10,000 
  • 3rd place reward: $5,000 

Warzone Champions Challenge Stream: How to Watch

The entire event will be broadcasted live on the official BoomTV Twitch account, starting at 2 PM PT / 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET on Wednesday, 4th November.