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Best loadout for L-CAR 9 pistol in COD Mobile Season 6

Here's a guide to help you utilize the right attachments for the best L-CAR 9 pistol loadout in COD Mobile Season 6.
Best loadout for L-CAR 9 pistol in COD Mobile Season 6

First introduced as a weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the L-CAR 9 has made its way to COD Mobile Season 6. The mobile Call of Duty game is always evolving through a pipeline of content, and the latest season brings two additional fast-paced weapons to the forefront.

As a secondary weapon, the L-CAR 9 likely won't dominate the popular meta like the KSP 45 will for much of the season. But that doesn't mean the SMG-like pistol can't tear through the competition. To make the most of this weapon in each match, you'll need the best L-CAR 9 loadout possible.

COD Mobile Season 6 - Best L-CAR 9 loadout

Unlock the L-CAR 9 after the KSP 45. (Picture: Activision)

One of the most important aspects of the L-CAR 9 in COD Mobile Season 6 is the base mobility that the weapon has as a secondary gun. It also has fully automatic mechanics that can easily melt another player in a sticky situation.

The attachments themselves should be focused on mobility and control of the weapon. Sure, you'll be up close and personal most of the time, but if there isn't enough range or control, you'll be hitting everything but your target.

  • Barrel: OWC Ranger
  • Foregrip: Field Agent Grip
  • Stock: Light Weight Stock
  • Rear Grip: Rustle Grip Tape
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A

For the first attachment, you'll want to choose the OWC Ranger as your barrel attachment. This is the only attachment on this L-CAR 9 loadout that's going to help with effective damage range. In the process, it will also provide some accuracy and much-needed control.

Next up is the Foregrip, and for that slot, you'll certainly want the Field Agent Grip. The Field Agent Grip is common among Black Ops series weapons and it simply gives the weapon far more control. Accuracy can also be added to the equation for bullet deviation, but further control is the main goal here.

L-CAR 9 Content
Both new weapons are tied to the Season 6 content plan. (Picture: Activision)

Going to the other three attachments, the Light Weight Stock should be selected to increase the mobility of the weapon. The Black Ops III pistol is fantastic at taking on SMG players in a pinch, and it should remain that way.

The Rustle Grip Tape is going to reinforce that philosophy with a base bump to the ADS speed on the pistol. Stippled Grip Tapes are usually used, but for the two new weapons, the Rustle is the best, and it has no negatives to worry about.

Extended Mag A is the last piece of the puzzle here, and it's definitely required for this loadout in COD Mobile Season 6. The L-CAR 9 will run out of ammo fast, especially with the high fire rate, and the standard mag is too small. Having the extended mag can tip the scales in your favor for this loadout.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.