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COD Mobile Season 3 patch notes - New maps, weapons, bug fixes and more

Activision has released the COD Mobile Season 3 patch notes listing new content coming to the game along with the optimizations and bug fixes made by developers.
COD Mobile Season 3 patch notes - New maps, weapons, bug fixes and more

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 is ready to launch on 30th March at 5 pm PT, and its pre-season patch has already been made available for players to download. The next season will bring a new Miami Strike map, Training Ground 2.0, GRU Combo Grip attachment, A Soldier’s Choice themed event and much more, along with a ton of optimizations and bug fixes. 

In addition to this, a brand new battle pass will also be made available, including shiny rewards. You can have a detailed look at what's coming in COD Mobile Season 3 in the patch notes listed below.

COD Mobile Season 3 patch notes

COD Mobile Season 3 is called Radical Raid
COD Mobile Season 3 is called Radical Raid. (Picture: Activision)


New Map - Miami Strike

Welcome to the East Coast! Miami Strike, a map from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, is available now. Get your gears and join our raid across the South Beach. Soldiers, are you ready for a fast-paced challenge?

New Operator Skill - Reactor Core
Watch out! This new operator skill might be too hot to handle. The Reactor Core radiates and burns surrounding enemies. Using the Reactor Core for a period of time will increase players’ resistance to enemies’ damage and reduce enemies’ max HP.
However, the Reactor Core can also backfire, causing players to receive radiation damage after continuous use.

Practice Range Updates

Environment Update: The light and shadow effect received an upgrade, buildings located in a far distance are added to increase maximum shooting range to 60m.
Gameplay Updates
  • A new Command Panel has been added to allow players to customize the parameters of the training ground.
  • The new Command Panel supports target practice. Players can spawn training soldiers and customize their distance, movement speed, interactions and the direction they’re facing in the practice range.
  • A Player Data Panel has been added in-game to help players track their performance, such as hit rate, damage dealt, destruction time, etc. Players may choose to open or hide the Player Data Panel during their match.
  • A Weapon Trial feature is added where players can try out unlocked weapons and attachments. In addition, the UI performance of the training ground backpack has been upgraded.
Match Updates
  • Player performance algorithm is updated in consideration of wide matchmaking band matches.
  • The number of pre-made teams is reduced to one per game.
  • A new ranking algorithm in FTL/TDM is implemented. Player's ranking used to be calculated based on total kill scores, now it is based on the player’s K/D spread, kills, and assist scores.
  • The MVP scoring rules of the Ranked FTL mode is updated. The player’s K/D spread outweighs their ranking in the calculation of MVP.
  • 5 New Medals with different difficulty levels have been added.
  • New eSports-themed seasons and rewards have been added.
Function Optimization
  • The customization interface of MP Mode is updated where a button for simplified HUD and scoreboard interface are added. Players can switch to the simplified HUD and won’t lose the original HUD interface.
  • Currently, the simplified HUD supports core mode and some modes with special HUD, such as One Shot One Kill. The Simplified HUD will continue to be optimized and updated in subsequent releases.
  • The MVP highlight is updated where the MVP player’s weapon master level and medals are shown. A “Like” button is also added for players to interact.
  • Inspection will not be interrupted by small movements like walking, crouching down and crouch-walking.
  • The kill shot is updated now the player’s camera will face towards the killer when they are killed.
  • A new equipment-recommendation page has been added to the Paying S&D mode to enhance the gun buying experience.
Performance Optimization
  • A special effect is added to show the range of the flash drone.
  • Orbital Laser: when the player enlarges the mini map, it will display the information of the line drawn.
  • Optimized the performance of obtaining medals in the game.
  • Optimized the performance of the number change effect when scoring in-game.
  • Optimize the animation of the season reward display.
  • Refine the display of different types of protection points when ranked matches are settled.

Battle Royale

Match Updates
  • Trap Master Rework
    • Before the rework, Trap Master’s triggering range displays as a straight line, making it difficult to use in outdoor combat. Once the trap is triggered it deals damage immediately, leaving the players with lack of counterplay.
    • After the rework, the Trap Master’s triggering range now displays as a sphere. Enemies entering the sphere will be slowed. Being inside the sphere for a period of time will trigger the trap causing it to deal explosive damage. Players can disassemble the trap to cancel movement debuff and prevent the explosion.
  • Blackout Item Refresh Optimization
    • Item pickup is updated in some Blackout towns:
      • Created more item pickup opportunities for players by increasing the amount of resources in each item refresh;
      • Enhanced players’ search experience by creating a more even distribution of resources in the map.

Other Updates

  • You may now choose to enter both Blackout and Isolated maps simultaneously.
  • New esports-themed seasons and rewards are available.
  • The position of interaction buttons for class machine, shopping machine and vehicle machine can are now customizable in the interface setting.
  • A new button is added for when players are knocked down and need backup. While calling for help, the visual and sound effects will be played on your teammate's interface on a 15-second cooldown.
  • A new button is added where it will notify teammates to scan the dog tag. While scanning the dog tag, visual and sound effects are played on a 15-second cooldown.
  • The notification and sound effects of being knocked down, picking up dog tags, recalling teammates are added in the spectator interface.
  • Spectation is added in Alcatraz for friends to watch each other play sniper challenge mode.
  • The Easter event is released! Let's collect easter eggs in the game in exchange for rewards.
  • Smoothen out the performance of the loading logic on the vertical space to enhance user experience.
  • Smoothen out the handling when using the Grapple Hook to trigger the wingsuit.
Performance Optimization
  • The position of the "Recall Teammate" button is updated. It is easier to access in game when players pick up a teammate's dog tag in game.
  • The visual and sound effects have been updated for the dog tag pick-up notification.
  • The animation of the seasonal reward display is updated and more noticeable.
  • Refine the display of different types of protection points when ranked matches are settled.
  • An icon is added to display information on the number of players and approximate game duration of each mode.

New Weapons

COD Mobile Season 3 will bring a new weapon and attachment. (Picture: Activision)
The MAC-10 is an SMG with a rapid firing rate and maneuverability. Its simple and reliable structure gives it unparalleled mobility, allowing players to gain an advantage in close combat. The MAC-10 has a lower bullet velocity and accuracy compared to other SMGs, but its continuous combat capabilities can be greatly enhanced when it is equipped with a large-capacity drum.
AK47: New Signature Attachment
A new signature attachment for AK47: GRU Combo Grip, is added. This signature attachment will reduce vertical & horizontal recoil and bullet spread, thereby increasing effective range.

Balance Adjustments

COD Mobile Season 3 balance changes.
COD Mobile Season 3 balance changes. (Picture: Garena)
  • SP-R 208
    • Abdominal Damage Multiplier: Decreased
    • Hand Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • HVK-30
    • Base:
      • Range Damage Frame: Adjusted
      • Chest/Upper Arm Damage Multiplier: Increased
    • Large-Caliber Ammos:
      • Range: Adjusted
      • Damage: Adjusted
  • M4
    • Hand Damage Multiplier: Increased
    • Chest/Upper Arm Damage Multiplier: Increased
    • Empty Reload Time: Decreased
    • ADS Time: Decreased
    • Bullet Spread: Decreased
  • Peacekeeper MK2
    • First Range: Increased
    • Chest/Upper Arm Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • FR .556
    • Vertical Recoil: Adjusted
    • Leg Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • ICR-1
    • Base Damage: Increased
    • Shooting Range: Adjusted
    • Head Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • JAK-12
    • Stacking of Disable Perk: Reduced
    • Explosive Mag Slowing Effect: Reduced
  • CR-56 AMAX
    • Base Spread: Reduced
  • Kilo 141
    • Extended Mag:
      • Movement Speed: Decreased
      • Reload Time: Increased
    • Large Extended Mag:
      • Movement Speed: Decreased
      • Reload Time: Increased
  • OWC Marksman:
    • Movement Speed: Decreased
  • Katana
    • Max Damage Distance: Decreased
    • Effective Damage Judgment Time: Decreased
Score streaks
  • Chopper Gunner
    • Bullet Damage Range: Increased
    • Bullet Damage: Slightly increased
  • Orbital Laser
    • Combat Duration: Reduced
    • Maximum Travel Distance: Slightly reduced
  • K9 Unit
    • Maximum Health: Reduced
    • Movement Speed: Slightly reduced
Battle Royale
  • Wingsuit Enhancements
    • The buoyancy of the wingsuit is increased.
    • The expected flight distance of the wingsuit is increased by approximately 25%.
  • Airborne Enhancements
    • The buoyancy of the airborne chip is increased due to the enhancements on the wingsuit.
    • The expected flight distance is increased by approximately 25%.

Other Upgrades

Maps/Game Mode Issues

  • The Party owner of a customized game lobby may tap on the "VS" button to switch between teams.
  • The OB system for the customized game lobby is updated.
  • A sorting function to the Emote and Spray interface is added.
  • Due to upcoming exciting game modes, the main lobby shortcut to Undead Siege is temporarily moved to the event section. The related leaderboards, recruiting teams and camouflages are not affected.

Featured image courtesy of Activision.