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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 6 APK and iOS download links for Test Build

Here are the download links for COD Mobile Season 6 APK files as well as the iOS Public Test Build for fans to enjoy.
Update: A new APK file for the COD Mobile Season 6 Public Test Build has been released with brand new content. Find it right here and start downloading!

Original article follows.

With the current season of COD Mobile expected to end on 30th July, it's time to start looking towards the future, and test out COD Mobile Season 6! Yes, that's right, Activision has released the Public Test Build (PTB) for the next season. If you want to test out COD Mobile Season 6, you will need to download the APK file on Android or use the Test Flight download link on iOS. Spaces are limited, so let's not waste any time here.

COD Mobile Season 6 APK & iOS download links

The COD Mobile Season 6 PTB doesn't feature the upcoming zombies mode (Activision will reveal this later). However, it does have new features and content coming with Season 6. 

COD Mobile Season 6 apk download link ios download link test server
(Picture: Activision)

The test begins on 13th July 2021, with no exact end date revealed. The player registration limit is set to 30,000 which means roughly 10,000 per link.

Below, you can find the download links for the COD Mobile Season 6 Test Build, from the APK file to the iOS link. The size of these files is roughly 2GB. 

To install the COD Mobile Season 6 APK file, follow the steps below.

  • Connect your Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure that you have additional storage space on your device. We recommend at least 4GB free.
  • Allow apps from unknown sources on your device by heading to "Settings > Safety and Privacy" then selecting "Install apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Install the APK file.
  • Run the game and enjoy.

For the iOS version of COD Mobile Season 6, simply run the Test Flight download link and tap through the steps to install the Public Test Build.

With the APK or iOS download links for COD Mobile Season 6's test build, you can enjoy the following content:

  • New MP Map – Slums
  • New MP Map – Stacks
  • New Operator Skills, Scorestreaks, perks, and grenade types
  • Various optimizations to BR
  • Various UI changes and improvements
COD Mobile Season 6 apk ios download links files test build
(Picture: Activision)

Activision explains: "As per usual, everything you see in the build may not be final, may be buggy, may have placeholder art or text, or may not be releasing in the next update. Sometimes content we are testing is for the next season or it could potentially be for two seasons from now."

So there you have it, the COD Mobile Season 6 test build APK download link for Android, and the iOS download link for Apple devices. Good luck getting in, as space is limited.

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