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How to fix COD Mobile Authorization error 2 11

COD Mobile players are currently facing a specific technical issue called Authorization error 2 11 and are unable to login into the game. Here are some workarounds to fix it.
How to fix COD Mobile Authorization error 2 11

Error codes are inevitable in online games, and Call of Duty: Mobile is no exception. Most recently, many COD Mobile players are reporting an unusual Authorization error 2 11 error. As a result, they’re unable to access the game servers and are stuck at the login page. 

Since it’s a server-side issue, there’s no need to panic or reinstall the Call of Duty: Mobile. Activision, the developers behind the game, will soon deploy a hotfix to fix the Authorization error 2 11 error. If the servers are down, all you need to do is to wait until they go live again. Until then, here are some workarounds that might fix this COD Mobile error.

How to fix the COD Mobile Authorization Error

How to fix COD Mobile Authorization error 2 11
(Picture: Activision)

Check your Internet Connection

The COD Mobile authorization error code is tied to connectivity issues, and hence, we suggest all the players check their internet connection once. Besides this, also try switching to a strong WiFi connection rather than playing on the mobile data.

Restart your device

The game service sometimes gets crash, especially if you are on a low-end smartphone. If you run into the Authorization error code 2 11, try restarting your device and free some storage space if possible. After doing that, launch the game and try to login into your account again. 

Contact support at Activision

If the issue still persists, reach out to Activision’s website support section and select Call of Duty: Mobile in the list. Next, describe your issue and submit the essential details such as name, game’s ID, username via the contact form. 

Eventually, players can always keep an eye on COD Mobile’s official Twitter and Reddit page to keep them updated with persisting errors and their hotfixes.

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