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CS2 Iconic Katowice Skins Ruined By Source 2

Come and check out why Katowice skins are at slight risk with Counter-Strike 2!
CS2 Iconic Katowice Skins Ruined By Source 2

After the release of Counter-Strike 2 to a larger audience, players from around the world have started to develop their own unique opinions on the Source 2 update. This has led to the usual overwhelmingly positive and negative reviews through different people's thoughts and opinions, leading to different debates throughout the Counter-Strike community.

Unfortunately, with the implementation of Counter-Strike 2 and the graphics overhaul, the renowned Katowice 2014 stickers have changed slightly in aesthetic, being incredibly risky to big-time investors considering stickers can be valued above $70,000 per sticker. 

"The homie sent me a LDLC Katowice 14 Holo he was holding for me, first new item in CS2!🤍 but why does it look like that..." @hisokyro

Counter-Strike 2: Katowice Stickers Revamp

Due to the aesthetical changes within Counter-Strike affecting all skins and cosmetics such as stickers, Katowice 2014 stickers have naturally been affected. However, nothing has changed with the supply, price, or desire for the sticker for the time being. Players have reported that they no longer like their weapon crafts due to the update and are selling their 2014 sticker weapon crafts for different skins and in-game items. 

Overall, players can expect their stickers and Katowice 2014 sticker crafts to hold their price and continue to increase over the next few years as those have previously experienced. However, we're going to have to accept the recent changes and understand that Katowice stickers will never look the same again, although their hype and sales velocity will never reside or fall.