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How To Get The Running Shoes In Crow Country

Here's how to get the Running Shoes in Crow Country.
How To Get The Running Shoes In Crow Country
(Picture: SFB Games)

There are many different secrets you can find in Crow Country, and one of them is the Running Shoes, which allow you to run faster as you complete your journey and explore the map. While not a necessary item, the Running Shoes are super helpful for getting through the game faster, and finding them grants you progress toward finding all the secrets in the game while filling out your Secrets Map. Here’s how to get the Running Shoes in Crow Country

Crow Country: How To Get The Running Shoes

To get the Running Shoes in Crow Country, you’ll need to unlock the trunk in the area where you started the game, where Arthur Mole is waiting for you. This is marked as the Staff Parking area on the map once you get it. You may have noted when you first started the game that the trunk was locked, but you were unable to access it - that should be different now. (The Running Shoes are not in your own trunk, but in the trunk of the other car next to it.)

staff parking crow country
The Staff Parking area in Crow Country is where you'll find the Running Shoes. (Picture: SFB Games)

You’ll want to come back here once you’ve gotten the Silver Key and unlock it. Inside, you’ll find the Running Shoes. Once you get the Running Shoes, you’ll automatically equip them and will run faster. 

Note that the Running Shoes are one of the secrets identified on the Secrets Map. This means that they count toward finding the 15 secrets in the game, and finding them will also put you one step closer to getting a higher rank. (The number of secrets you find is just one thing taken into consideration when determining your rank.)

Generally, it's best to go back and get the Running Shoes as soon as you get the Silver Key. They make you move a lot faster, so it's helpful to get them as soon as possible to complete your playthrough quicker.